Kenya Moore's Purple Dress She Flaunted Recently Has Fans Criticizing Her Due To Her 'Certain Age'

Kenya Moore's Purple Dress She Flaunted Recently Has Fans Criticizing Her Due To Her 'Certain Age'
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Kenya Moore shared a bunch of new pics in which she is wearing a purple mini dress. A lot of fans loved this look, but there were also some followers who told Kenya that she should dress according to her age.

Check out her post below and see what's this all about:

Someone said: 'Just Gorgeous and Funny 🔥', and another follower posted this message: 'Y'all better stand the fuxk up for the QUEEN... she wasn't miss USA for NOTHING. She is BEAUTY.'

A commenter said: 'Love u Kenya.You are just a doll💕,' and someone else posted this: 'That photographer gotta go.'

Another follower said: 'Where is that dress from?! Love it. You look fab,' and someone else posted this message: 'If I was part of the RHOA cast, I'd despise and envy her im just being honest.'

A follower said this, and more people agreed: 'I like the dress and you are gorgeous. But I just feel like at a certain age, so clothes are. Not for us. you are a grown woman. That cute little baby doll dress is not for you. plus, it's too short. I know you got some beautiful clothes.'

A lot of fans told her that she should wear some other clothes that are more appropriate for her age.

Someone else said: 'It’s the 🗣 Kenya Moore Hair Care 🥁🥁 shoes fa me!' and one other follower posted this message: '@thekenyamoore purple is definitely your colour 😍.'

A commenter posted this: 'Better put some respect on her name! Ms. Moore is killing it! 👏' and someone else said: 'U are gorgeous, but this dress reminds me of a middle schooler.'

A fan wrote this message: 'You’re giving us 30s a run for our money @thekenyamoore.'

Lots of fans praised her ageless beauty and people should definitely stop hating on women's choices regarding clothes - everyone is entitled to wear whatever they feel like - it's not like this is hurting someone. A lot of fans agree with this idea and continue to praise Kenya.

In other news, Kenya Moore  shared a photo on her social media account featuring  Marlo Hampton , and some of her fans freaked out and told her that she should watch her back.


Check out the photo and see some of the fans’ reactions.

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