Kenya Moore's Photo With Marc Daly And Their Baby Brooklyn Has Fans In Awe - Her Story Inspires People

Kenya Moore's Photo With Marc Daly And Their Baby Brooklyn Has Fans In Awe - Her Story Inspires People
Credit: BET

Kenya Moore shared a photo featuring her family on her social media account. She's with her hubby Marc Daly and their gorgeous baby girl, Brooklyn Daly.

Fans are happy to see the family together because they have been asking Kenya about Marc for a really long time since she hasn't been posting him.

Someone said: 'When you get everything haters said you couldn’t have !!!! Yassss.'

Another follower posted: 'The irony is...all the so-called housewives that bashed her 👀 look at their lives now😂🤷🏾‍♀️'

One commenter said: 'Look at God!!!....after all the heartbreaks and have your perfect lil family.'

Someone gushed over Kenya's life and wrote: 'Kenya Moore is God's Greatest Testimony to all women around the world who feel God has forgotten about them when it comes to being blessed with their own family (Husband and Kid(s). I look at you and my faith sours so high. Kenya I hope you write a book someday. You are the epitome and poster child of Ecclesiastes 3:11. Your story inspires me so greatly. I will never forget the heartbreaking constant mockery of you for years. Now God has laid such a beautiful table in the presence of your enemies. It's like We watching all this in 3D😊❤️ This is so beautiful priceless than any reality show check. I love yall.'

One fan said, 'And they said she wasn't pregnant nor does she have a husband!! 👌 She proved them all wrong!!!! 💯'

A follower posted: 'The smiles of these parents say it all. Brooklyn has some blessed genes!!'

Somoene else wrote, 'Why does everyone say Kenya has the perfect family? How do you all know that she does? Let's hope and pray that she does...💜 No hate just an observation of people's comments....'

A commenter said that baby Brookie steals the show just like always: '@thekenyamoore A of you guys together make a gorgeous family 😍😍😍 Although little Brooklyn steals the show every time!!!'

Kenya looks the happiest that she's ever been, indeed, and as you can see, fans are rooting for her.

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