Kenya Moore's Miracle Baby Embraces Fall With A Smile

Kenya Moore's Miracle Baby Embraces Fall With A Smile
Credit: BET

Kenya Moore's baby girl, Brooklyn Daly is the cutest and happiest baby ever, according to her fans. You may be aware of the fact that Kenya created baby Brookie her very own Instagram page, where she keeps fans updated with the latest on her miracle baby.

Recently, the proud mom shared a cute new pic of Brookie in which she is smiling like she always does.

Here are the photo and Kenya's caption: 'Hello fall! #miraclebaby#babybrooklyn.'

A fan exclaimed: 'She’s so precious and beautiful ❤️' while a follower said: 'She has really grown... Simply Beautiful ❤️'

Somoene else wrote: 'Kenya’s miracle baby is so beautiful 👶🏽 😍 I’m 46 and she’s making my ovaries go aww 🥰'

One commenter posted this: 'Awe my 2-year-old has the same outfit and from carters! She just wore hers Sunday! Brooklyn is so friggin adorable!'

A fan told Kenya that they dreamed about her baby girl: 'I had a weird dream last night about Brooklyn. She was talking in complete sentences like, "Why yes, this is my momma." 😂😆 I couldn't believe I had a dream about your baby. 💗'

Someone else was curious and asked: 'Do you think she’ll be a beauty queen like you?' and another diehard fan said: 'Can’t help but smile when I see her pics 💓'

Other than this, Kenya's fans got really sad lately when she shared a new photo on her social media account in which they could clearly see that she is not wearing her wedding ring anymore .

This means that things between her and Marc Daly are definitely over for good and whatever hopes fans might have had are now broken.

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