Kenya Moore's Latest Steamy Photo Has Fans Asking Questions -- Is Marc Daly's Wife All Natural?

Kenya Moore's Latest Steamy Photo Has Fans Asking Questions -- Is Marc Daly's Wife All Natural?
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The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore is taking over the Internet with one sizzling picture.

The new mother and businesswoman released via her social media account a photo where she is wearing nothing and uses her beautiful long hair to hide her modesty.

Kenya explained that the photo was taken after she took a shower and washed her hair in order to show off the natural texture and her makeup-free face.

Marc Daly's wife captioned the selfie: "People always ask what my natural hair texture is... this is without any stylish product. Fresh out the shower so doesn’t pin down 😂. I only use @kenyamoorehair products on my hair. Over 90% naturally derived. My hair is now waist length when I straighten it. #natural #no weave #nomakeup #kenyamoorehaircare #kenyamoorehair Check out @sallybeauty for our products."

Many are wondering why does she even wear makeup when she looks stunning au naturel. Others want to know if that is her real eye color.

Her fans are defending her by making it clear that she is all real and is a gorgeous queen.

One supporter said: "When I was a young girl. Use to see Kenya on tv I thought she was the most beautiful dark skin woman in the world besides my mother. She has yet to prove me wrong 🤗🖤She is gorgeous. Y’all just some haters. You look like Natalie Cole on here. So pretty. She needs to star in a Natalie Cole Biopic!! And that is why they always hate on her."

A second commenter wrote: "A miserable person sees heat damage, a person who isn’t hateful sees the fact that it’s even long enough to reach her waist. Damaged or now, it’s clearly healthy. Just won’t bounce back 100%. That’s only a problem is she ever wore it natural. Everybody that leaves RHOA looks refreshed and stress-free."

This person shared: "She’s wonderful. I don’t care let our Beautiful black women shine 🤩🤩A blind man can see how gorgeous she is, y’ all some haters in these comments. She's pretty are those her real eyes.
Okay, Auntie Kenya, I see those greys pushing thru gracefully🙌🏾🙌🏾"

A fourth fan stated: "Kenya has always been beautiful that hair, that shape, and that face sis is black girl magic 😍😍She looks better with no makeup #truebeauty."

Kenya will always have people talking regardless of what she does.

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