Kenya Moore's Latest Photos Have Fans Saying That NeNe Leakes Is Jealous Of Her

Kenya Moore's Latest Photos Have Fans Saying That NeNe Leakes Is Jealous Of Her
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Kenya Moore shared new photos on her social media account and fans are in awe. She looks stunning in red, and her fans are praising her post-pregnancy body, saying that she snapped back really quickly.

Someone commented on one of her photos: 'Damn, the snapback is real????Must be nice, I’m still struggling. ?'

Another follower is certain that NeNe Leakes is jealous of Kenya: 'Nene is so jealous of you Kenya she's now reaching out on other hater Phedra. Keep moving dear God is on your side.'

Another commenter gushed over Kenya and said 'Beautiful woman. Congratulations on the birth of baby Daly. God's continuous Blessing to you and your family. Love you.'

Someone else told her '@thekenyamoore you are just one beautiful woman (in and out). I really like the way you remain true to yourself... keep being you, you are gorgeous.'

One of Kenya's supporters is really excited for her baby: 'I still can't believe you have this precious baby! ❤️❤️??i love it, and please keep sharing her.'

Someone else also praised her beauty: 'You just so so beautiful...I'm so happy for all ur blessings that are coming to pass. May God continue to multiply ur blessings...much love.'

One of her fans is happy that Kenya is not on RHOA anymore and believes that she should never go back:

'Kenya Moore is her own brand before RHOA; it was a season. With all the blessings, husband, daughter, Businesses and new glow, why should she go back and push back and negate all the amazing things in her life now? I was watching the show when the psychic told her she had a different future and it had nothing to do with RHOA. Queen Kenya is beautiful in and out.❤️'

Recently Kenya told her fans that her BFFs Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey came to visit her and the baby and she also made sure to document the event with some really beautiful pics on her social media account.

Kandi brought Ace Wells Tucker who was definitely already in love with baby Brooklyn .

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  • Pat
    Pat Dec 18, 2018 2:47 PM PST

    Of course Nene is jealous of Kenya. I think she’s also jealous of some of the others. No matter what Nene accomplishes, and how bodacious she acts, I think she remains insecure about her looks. After all, the other Atlanta housewives, even the former ones, are attractive. Nene is just...BIG.

  • Ann
    Ann Dec 16, 2018 12:53 PM PST

    Nene probably is jealous of Kenya because she can’t stand anyone getting good attention. Nene has turned into the biggest negative for the show. I don’t even care for Kenya but she has a life that would be great for her and she should stay away from RHOA.

  • Tone
    Tone Dec 16, 2018 8:43 AM PST

    What does NeNe have to jealous of K-9 Moore for? childish!!! K-9 Moore is trouble maker, bless her she’s married and finally had child and didn’t pay man this time around,

    • Fairness
      Fairness Dec 16, 2018 11:18 AM PST

      It’s shame, people does not want to see other people doing well in life. Nene should leave Kenya alone. Actually I don’t think Nene is against Kenya at all, she is actually happy for her.

  • Brenda McMillian
    Brenda McMillian Dec 16, 2018 6:49 AM PST

    Glad Kenya is off the show, NeNe has no reason to be jealous of anyone on the show Love NeNe and who love to she Pherda come back .....

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