Kenya Moore's Latest Photo Has Fans Saying That Marc Daly Is 'Crazy' For Letting Her Go

Kenya Moore's Latest Photo Has Fans Saying That Marc Daly Is 'Crazy' For Letting Her Go
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Kenya Moore shared a gorgeous photo of herself, and fans are in awe to see her beauty. A lot of people say that Marc Daly is 'stupid' for letting her go.

As you know by now, Kenya and Marc called it quite not too long ago, and her fans have been more than supportive of her.

On the other hand, Kenya has been showing nothing but strength after the sad event.

Someone told Kenya, 'this curly hair style you need to wear it more often than straight you look “Ike 30s so beautiful.'

One follower said: 'Once again, the only reason I’m watching RHOA,' and someone else posted: 'Yassssss @thekenyamoore U Better Serve The Girls Some Diana Ross Realness!'

One other follower wrote: '@thekenyamoore Explain hope you’re gotten more beautiful as a mom? What type of Voodoo is that 😘'

Another Instagrammer said: 'Yaassss @thekenyamoore just gorgeous honey!!😍😍❤️❤️😍😍'

One fan also believes that Marc is wrong to have let her go: 'Such a beautiful woman. Marc aint completely crazy.'

Someone else said: 'We love you kenya and I CAN'T wait until you meet your TRUE KING WHO WILL CHERISH BOTH YOU AND YOUR PRINCESS❤️❤️'

In other news, Kenya made her fans really happy recently.

She proudly revealed an announcement to her fans. She told people that she is helping infertile families have miracle babies via IVF.

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  • Deyzz
    Deyzz Oct 6, 2019 10:10 PM PDT

    Looks cannot hold a man!! There is more to a marriage than that. Let the truth be told.

  • Sonia Cardoso
    Sonia Cardoso Oct 6, 2019 10:34 AM PDT

    He’s missing out on nothing when it comes to Kenya. Kenya is all made up drama and never takes ownership for anything she’s ever done wrong. Kenya is a nut case and don’t believe she cared about theit phony marriage. Just like the last couple of sorry bastards she tried to trick into marrying her/paid to play the part of boyfriend. He was right to stay out of the show. Reality shows ruin relationships. If she truly cared for their marriage she would have not bothered coming back to it. Once again she thinks about herself and not what’s best for her kid.

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