Kenya Moore's Latest Motivational Video Has Fans In Awe - Watch It Here

Kenya Moore's Latest Motivational Video Has Fans In Awe - Watch It Here
Credit: BET

Kenya Moore shared a video on her social media account that made fans' day. Check out the clip below:

'Good morning Queens. Have a glorious day. #queens #positivevibes,' Kenya captioned the clip.

Someone said: 'Thank you for this beautiful message, sister queen. Love you and Brooklyn!!!'

A follower posted this: 'Hey Mama, you are a Queen! Kenya, despite being on that show that I am not a fan of, one thing has always remained true. You have never hit anyone below the belt or put your hands on anyone. They have come for you from all angles, and u fought with your words! Witty and quite frankly intelligent comebacks! I wish you and your budding family nothing but the best! May you continue to be blessed my beautiful Queen❤️'

One other fan wrote: 'I admire u Kenya and I despise the way you are treated by some of the public, the person you chose to marry. I know it is entertainment, but not all attention is good attention. I know you need a platform to build your empire, I believe your past has shaped your future, but I believe you are genuinely a decent person who is so guarded that you are offputting to many. I see you for who you are and I truly like you as a woman and a mom but is your role on the show worth having society having such horrible things about you? It may ultimately affect your business. Your character should mean more to you than anything. Blessings my friend and I hope things turn around for you in a positive way.'

One of Kenya's fans also said: 'If there was no drama people would not be turning in to watch the show. They would be complaining that it is too boring. I love Tanya and you but the show is not only about the positives about people’s lives. Housewives is not that platform.'

A follower gushed over the video and posted this: 'I love this! Great reminder to stay motivated even on our bad days. Positive vibes..Yesssss💞'

Kenya made her fans happy just the other day as well when she shared a gorgeous photo featuring her miracle baby, Brooklyn Daly, and her dog, Twirl.

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