Kenya Moore's Fans Accuse Her Of 'Pulling A Blac Chyna' And Lightening Her Skin

Kenya Moore's Fans Accuse Her Of 'Pulling A Blac Chyna' And Lightening Her Skin
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Kenya Moore shared a couple of pics in which she's showing off her beautiful face on social media. A lot of fans have praised her beauty but others seem to believe that she's using something for bleaching her skin.

They addressed the issue in the comments section.

Someone told her 'You are beautiful, WHY DO YOU KEEP LIGHTNING YOUR SKIN! You are chocolate are gorgeous!'

Another follower agreed and said 'Please don't be like Blac Chyna will all of her skin lightening products.'

Other fans gushed over her beauty and they made sure to praise her in the comments.

Someone said 'How did you keep your hair so beautiful after birth? My sister's fell out after she had her wee one. Go Kenya for keeping your hair so amazing looking.'

One other supporter posted '@thekenyamoore I always read your page I like the fact you do take time to respond to your followers. There is nothing as annoying as asking for something from the celebrities and they didn't respond. Keep it up. Love from 🇿🇦.'

Other people are telling Kenya that RHOA is not that exciting without her.

A commenter told her 'Kenya you are looking amazingly beautiful‼️ Any chance for you to come back to the housewives of Atlanta?? I send a txt to Andy that the show rating are going down without you🙏🕉'

Someone said that 'RHOA has gone completely downhill without you, but you will always be the queen! I would love to see a show featuring you and your beautiful family!'

Other fans, on the other hand, believe that she should never return and instead wait for a project more suitable for her talent.

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