Kenya Moore's Ex-BF Was Arrested In Arizona For Allegedly Punching His Current GF

Kenya Moore's Ex-BF Was Arrested In Arizona For Allegedly Punching His Current GF
Credit: BET

Kenya Moore 's ex-boyfriend, Matt Jordan has been reportedly arrested in Arizona. It's been reported that the man allegedly punched his current GF in the face.

The Shade Room knows more details and reveals them to the public.

TSR writes that Kenya 'definitely dodged a bullet when she parted ways with her ex #MattJordan. Over the weekend, Matt found himself getting arrested in Arizona for a list of things, and he was also accused of allegedly punching his current girlfriend in the face.'

TSR cites information coming from TMZ and writes that 'documents show that #ValerieBell claims that Matt punched her in the face in the parking lot of a Denny’s early Saturday. There was also another woman there to witness the alleged incident.'

They also wrote that, according to the witness, 'Matt got super close to his girlfriend and snatched her cigarettes from her, including the one that was in her mouth at the time. By the time officers arrived at the scene, Matt had already been gone. However, Valerie called the police a few hours later.'

People are outraged in the comments, especially because Kenya was accused of lying about him a while ago.

Somoene said, 'What makes a man ever think it’s okay to put their hands on a woman? Smh.'

One commenter posted: 'I would not date somebody that looks this scary.'

Somoene else said: 'And y’all said she was lying... and it was for a storyline.... I always knew she was telling the truth.'

A follower posted: 'I mean we knew he was aggressive on RhoA and the way Kenya set up she would have been next.'

Another person said: 'when Kenya said this years ago everybody blamed her... smh.'

One commenter posted: 'Why do men punch females? I just don’t understand. Like would u punch a puppy? Cmon bruh seriously.'

A person wrote this: 'Unbelievable how people called Kenya a liar when she said he was abusive. 😔'

Kenya can indeed be happy and grateful for the amazing life that she has these days.

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