Kenya Moore's Brooklyn Daly Makes Fans Happy With A New Photo

Kenya Moore's Brooklyn Daly Makes Fans Happy With A New Photo
Credit: BET

Kenya Moore just shared a new photo featuring her baby girl, Brooklyn Daly. She shared the pic on her daughter's social media account.

A follower commented: 'Brookie Auntie Angie ain’t a felon no more BLOOP,' and one fan said: 'So beautiful, I love her spirit ❤️💜 love miracle baby, Detroit girls rock.'

Another commenter said that Brookie looks like her dad, 'She looks like daddy but has her mommies smile,' and another follower said: 'Yes she is a miracle and so beautiful you guys.'

Someone else posted this: 'Now that’s our baby girl. It’s been a while—Couldn’t wait to see you pretty girl.'

A fan praised Brooklyn as well and said: 'That smile is everything. To wake up to that every day makes this world seem ok,' and another follower posted this: 'Oh my goodness! My lil Brookie Cookie is adorable with her big wide beautiful smile. I just love her so!!!!’

In other news, Kenya has been living her best life these days, and fans could not be happier that, according to the latest rumors, she might be getting back with Marc Daly.

Kenya also made sure to pen a thank you note to all of her supporters.

‘Hey #teamtwirl thank you for always supporting me! I may make a few lefts turns sometimes, but I always end up on the right path!’ Kenya began her message that she shared the day before on her social media account.

She continued and said, ‘And thank you so much to my @kenyamoorehair supporters! You see right through the attempted assassination of my brand. We are sold out time and time again at @sallybeauty and @amazon as we level up and scale-up. Thank you for your loyalty and prayers. ❤️’

People continued to praise her in the comments and to send their best wishes.

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