Kenya Moore's Baby Brooklyn Poses With Her Dog, Twirl - Check Out The Photo

Kenya Moore's Baby Brooklyn Poses With Her Dog, Twirl - Check Out The Photo
Credit: BET

Kenya Moore shared a gorgeous photo featuring her miracle baby, Brooklyn Daly, and her dog, Twirl. Check out the photo that had fans in awe below.

Kenya shared the photo on Brookie's own social media account, which she created not too long ago.

One of Brookie's fans said: 'My Daly vision and twirl looking like they belong together! The 😍'

Someone else posted: 'Went straight to mommy's page to look for more Brookie Cookie pictures,' and one other backer said: 'I remember velvet! She would have loved Brooklyn.'

A follower asked Kenya the following question: 'Why do you call her a miracle baby? I wanna knooow Lol 😍Love to hear amazing stories!' and one commenter responded: 'because she is a miracle...Kenya waited for her so long.'

One fan wrote: 'Are they? Does Brooklyn like dogs like you, Kenya? That is great for the puppies to be loved since somebody doesn't and great for you for standing your ground. What is wrong with him? We are all praying things will work out with your hubby.'

The same follower continued and said: 'Looks like it's going to take a miracle (he just looks like he is really angry with you about something) but God is able...unless he is just playing on TV. Don't let him give you a breakdown which doesn't look like you are doing but you are crying so much - hope not too much. Brooklyn was made for that outfit she is wearing - very pretty! God's Blessings & Favor!'

Someone addressed Kenya's otheer pooch: 'You had two before @thekenyamoore what happened to your other dog? Your daughter is so cute and I'm so happy for you.❤️'

One other follower said: 'Lil Brooke Cookie is such a babydoll! She is such a pretty baby! Love her.'

Not too long ago, Kenya's fans told her to beware of Marlo Hampton .

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