Kenya Moore's Baby Brooklyn Gets Her Ears Pierced - Watch The Cute Video

Kenya Moore's Baby Brooklyn Gets Her Ears Pierced - Watch The Cute Video
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It's time for Kenya Moore and Marc Daly's baby girl to ger her tiny ears pierced. Kenya shared a new video of the baby girl on her social media account, while she's waiting to get her shots.

Brooklyn's smile has fans in awe, and if you watch the video, you'll have a better day as well, for sure.

In the video , Kenya can be heard saying 'What are you doing Brooky? Huh? Are you ready for your shot? Are you ready for your shots, little girl? Are you ready for your ears pierced?'

Kenya's precious infant can be seen wearing only a diaper while she's smiling.

Fans are grateful to Kenya for sharing these precious moments with Brookie with them, and they make sure to tell the mom this in the comments.

A fan asked Kenya, 'Does she ever cry or fuss? She is such a happy baby ❀️' while another one showed their gratitude to Kenya for the sweet pics and videos she has been sharing: 'Just adorable!!!!! Thank you! Thank you for sharing these precious moments!!!!'

Another commenter also gushed over the baby and said 'She is simply beautiful I 'm so happy for Kenya. πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“'

Someone said Brooklyn looks like Marc: 'She looks so much like her dad. All she needs is the nose piercing, and they would be twins. Sooo freaking cute!'

Another follower posted 'She's enjoying the noise that paper is making 😁, to hell with the shot.πŸ˜‚'

One fan is worried about the fact that Brookie will be in pain and said 'I'm a fan but could you not wait until she's old enough to choose if she wants them coz it's unnecessary pain for her just for looks .its painful even as an adult to lay your head onto it afterwards let alone a little baby who has no idea why she would feel any pain.'

Do you think Kenya is doing something wrong by getting the kid's ears pierced?

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  • Patricia Gardner
    Patricia Gardner May 16, 2019 2:36 PM PDT

    It's so amazing to see Kenya and her adorable daughter. I am so so proud of Kenya and her accomplishments.

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