Kenya Moore Writes The Most Emotional Message To Marc Daly - Fans Are In Tears

Kenya Moore Writes The Most Emotional Message To Marc Daly - Fans Are In Tears
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For Father's Day, Kenya Moore penned the most emotional message to Marc Daly. She offered her gratitude to him for being in her life and helping her bring baby Brookie into this world.

Check out the message that Kenya posted on her social media account.

'Happy Father’s Day socobk you have been an amazing father to @thebrooklyndaly. We love and appreciate you and I love you for bringing our miracle baby into this world. She is happy and thriving and has her daddy’s looks and brains! What blessing you have been to our lives. Thank you Jehovah for this gift of life that has made us so happy. 🙏🏾 #happyfathersday #love #family #socobk,' Kenya captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Can he please love her mother the way he would want someone to love her someday,' and a follower posted this message: 'Does he finally treat you like a decent human being / amazing wife??'

A follower said: 'treating the mother of your child like a decent human has everything to do w being a good father.'

A follower believes that 'narcissistic ppl never change so I doubt he acts better .. he’s probably just in the love-bombing phase since he saw how he looked on tv. He wants to use Kenya as a power play to make himself look better.'

One person said: 'I hope you get to have another child because I think you are a wonderful mother,' and someone els posted this message: 'Happy Father’s Day! 🥰❤️ So amazing of you to acknowledge what a great father he is to your daughter.'

A fan wrote: 'Happy Father's Day Marc. You are blessed to have a good loving family beside you. Acknowledgment, support and appreciation is all that's is needed. Good luck to you all in your growth,' and another follower said: 'OMG Brooklyn is in an Arsenal shirt!! I love her even more. You have a beautiful family. Your daughter is so adorable. I’m happy for you.'

Someone else said: 'Do you ever go to the Kingdom Hall? I mean before the Pandemic. I was raised as a JW but no longer practice it but my Mom is still one when she wants to be.'

Other than this, Kenya spent the Juneteenth together with Eva Marcille and Kandi Burruss and she made sure to document their gathering on her social media account.

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