Kenya Moore Worries Fans Who Notice She Took Off Her Wedding Ring - What Happened?

Kenya Moore Worries Fans Who Notice She Took Off Her Wedding Ring - What Happened?
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Kenya Moore just posted a photo in which she looks gorgeous while advertising some cute jewelry. But fans notice something worrying and ask her where is her wedding ring.

'I’m obsessed with my necklace and ring by @alexandani Come see me tomorrow Saturday 2/2 at The Alex and Ani event at Lenox Square mall in Atlanta tomorrow from 12-2pm,' Kenya captioned her photo inviting fans to the meet and greet session today.

Someone gushed over Kenya and wrote 'Kenya! You breastfeeding? The girls are looking mighty full lately. Haha. Looking good girl!,' while another follower asked her 'Where’s your wedding ring?'

Someone else also noticed that Kenya is not wearing her wedding ring: 'I see you took off your wedding ring. You can see where you use to wear it. Still, have some baby weight? Anywho your still beautiful & Lovin the necklace.'

A commenter came with a potential explanation of why she's not wearing her wedding ring:

'I think she purposely removed it so it would not overshadow the Alex and Ani pieces. 🙃'

But fans maintained their concerns: 'Where is Brooklyn’s Daddy? No shade, just concern!!!' someone asked about Marc Daly.

Someone else wrote: '@thekenyamoore ...that A-Hole Micheal Rapaport said on WWHL "Kenya No Moore," but what that fool didn't realize is that the beauty within you always give us "Kenya Amazing Moore." Haters and Idiots will gag daily as you serve them Kenya, Brooklyn Realness. Love you Kenya!♥️'

Fans will get the opportunity to meet Kenya Moore at Lenox Square in Atlanta . From 12 to 2 p.m. she will be there.

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  • Jeann
    Jeann Feb 3, 2019 6:00 AM PST

    Why are folks so concerned about Kenya's situation, she bought and paid for Marc Daly to be her man and baby daddy. He's very good looking and who wouldn't want him to be their baby daddy, if you're into paying for love. His restaurant was in shambles and he was in tax troubles with the irs, she bailed him out! Honestly now, why had he been single for so long, if he was such a find. He never took her to his family because it's a deal between them 2, to give her a child, fake love story line and then the 2 will go their separate ways and co-parent that beautiful little girl. I hope hell always be hands on cause she is crazy at times in her actions. Brooklyn will need balance!

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