Kenya Moore Will Not Have A Thanksgiving Day Baby With Marc Daly -- Here Is Why The Former 'RHOA' Star Asked For Prayers

Kenya Moore Will Not Have A Thanksgiving Day Baby With Marc Daly -- Here Is Why The Former 'RHOA' Star Asked For Prayers
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Baby Daly will be coming sooner than expected. Kenya Moore has asked for prayers and well wishes because her due date has changed.

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared a post on social media explaining that she and husband Marc Daly will not be having their baby on Thanksgiving Day because due to preeclampsia she will have an earlier delivery.

It is not known if Kenya will have a C-section or induced labor.

Like Beyonce when she was pregnant with her twins, Kenya is suffering from preeclampsia which implies high blood pressure and possibly protein in her urine.

Last week, Kenya had this to say about the matter: "I made fun of my swollen feet at @cynthiabailey10 party. Next day my tests came back for possible preeclampsia... I gained 17 lbs in ONE week due to severe swelling and water retention, high blood pressure, and excess protein in the urine. This is NOT normal! I took more tests. Baby is fine, but if they come back higher, #babydaly will have to come the same day."

Many people, especially mothers, rushed to pray for Kenya.

One commenter replied: "Serious prayers this is no joke my best friend went through this, and her son came a month early healthy and got this!"

Another follower wrote: "Pregnancy is no joke! To some it's the usual symptoms, to others it's seriously life threatening! That is no joke... I had it with my first set of twins, and they wanted to take them very early... I spent three weeks in the hospital on bed rest, hooked up to all these machines. I pray for her......

This supporter shared: "It has everything to do with age; She’s over the age 40, 47 to be exact, I said her age put her at higher risk to develop preeclampsia than someone who's 21 and a first time. Being over the age of 40, and the fact that she's African American and this her first pregnancy put her at a higher risk to develop preeclampsia."

A fourth individual stated: "It seems like a lot of AA women have been experiencing preeclampsia during pregnancy lately, and our rate for successful childbirth has significantly declined! Smh! Prayers for her."

Kenya is a strong woman.

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  • Yvonne Rickette
    Yvonne Rickette Nov 2, 2018 2:36 PM PDT

    Hi Kenya man looking fine just wants to let you know all my prayers are with you you'll you'll be okay sweetie just try to relax and don't stress yourself out you don't have a beautiful no more baby healthy God be with you and your husband and your new baby I will light a candle for you honey

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