Kenya Moore Will No Longer Allow Ex-Husband Marc Daly In Her Home

Kenya Moore Will No Longer Allow Ex-Husband Marc Daly In Her Home
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Fans of Real Housewives of Atlanta know that Kenya Moore's legal dispute with ex-husband, Marc Daly, hasn't been going that well. BET recently reported on the reality star who is currently in the middle of trying to work out an agreement with Marc over their daughter, Brooklyn Doris Daly.

Interestingly, Moore claims Marc won't be allowed into her house anymore. Moore said in the preview clip for Sunday's episode that she doesn't know how she'll make it work, arguing that he could come to see her daughter at her house, but she didn't want him to stay there.

Fans of the reality star know Moore and NeNe Leakes don't get along well, and this fact presented itself once more when NeNe refused to sympathize with Kenya's situation. On the 2nd of March, People Magazine reported NeNe as saying: "Kenya had this coming."

According to NeNe, "what goes around comes around," explaining that Kenya has inserted herself into other women's relationships on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Leakes went on to accuse Kenya of trying to sabotage other women's relationships in strange ways.

It's clear NeNe isn't empathetic about Kenya's legal and familial drama. She claimed Kenya once tried to interfere with her relationship as well, so she doesn't feel bad about it. "Good. You deserved it," Leakes declared. As most know, Daly and Moore got married around three years ago in the summer of 2017.

She later gave birth to their first child, Brooklyn, on the 4th of November, 2018. The couple went on to get married in September of 2019. These days, however, Kenya and Marc, like the rest of the world's population, have other concerns on their mind.

As the coronavirus has swept around the world, some social media users are looking for an alternative topic of discussion, and Kenya was the one to provide. Today, Ron Collins claimed Kenya took to her social media account to market her new hair product, rather than discuss the pandemic.

Fans of the reality star had nothing but nice things to say about Kenya and her product, with many of them claiming they were big fans of her products.

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