Kenya Moore Uses Beyoncé's Words To Speak About Her Post-Divorce Life Without Marc Daly As NeNe Leakes Starts Investigating Her Situation

Kenya Moore Uses Beyoncé's Words To Speak About Her Post-Divorce Life Without Marc Daly As NeNe Leakes Starts Investigating Her Situation
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Kenya Moore has recently announced her divorce from Marc Daly, and it looks like some people are just getting started questioning her on the situation.

Many seem to have their suspicions about what is going on between her and Daly, and NeNe Leakes is the most recent person to join the "investigation."

Leakes seems convinced that her co-star is not genuine about the situation, although it is not clear what exactly she is accusing her of hiding.

In general, most people seem to be wondering why things between Moore and her husband deteriorated so fast.

Some seem convinced that there is more to the situation than fans are being told, and many have pointed out that they do not know what is real around Moore anymore.

A source close to the Real Housewives of Atlanta star said this to Radar Online : “Kenya is in the hot seat about what is really happening with Marc. The ladies are confused about why things went south so fast. They don’t know what is real and what is fake with Kenya.”

Moore herself seems more reluctant to talk about her private life lately, and she has been maintaining a low profile about her situation for the most part.

She is particularly reluctant to talk about her divorce with her co-stars and has been avoiding questions in this direction for a while now.

It is not known if she is planning to open up more in the future or if supporters will have to keep guessing about the state of affairs between her and Daly, but it does seem like her co-stars are at least right about the fact that she has been using the situation to her full advantage in terms of drawing extra attention to herself.

Whether she is going through a difficult time with her husband as she is claiming is hard to tell.

Meanwhile, Moore is busy sharing stunning photos of herself in Greece with her daughter, Brooklyn. She used Beyoncé's Sorry to say: “Me and my baby, we gon' be alright. We gon' live a good life...”

One fan had this to say: "Just a stunning photo of you and that beautiful baby Kenya- be blessed many prayers for you!"

Another commenter wrote: "God has your front, back, and side. Your gonna be just fine.😍"

Moore is handling the situation in a calm manner, publicly.

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  • Dorothy
    Dorothy Oct 1, 2019 8:08 AM PDT

    I think Kenya is saying they are getting divorce. Because Marc doesn't want to be part of the show. He seems to be a private person and doesn't want anything to do with the drama. If Kenya really respected her husband she would find another job. But when you are a shallow person and want to be a so called celebrity. Then you do exactly what she is doing. I rather have a good husband than fame. That's just my opinion. But i bet you NeNe will find out the truth.

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