Kenya Moore Shows Off Her Belly Three Weeks After Giving Birth - Kandi Burruss & Cynthia Bailey Congratulate Her, But Some Fans Believe She Got A Tummy Tuck

Kenya Moore Shows Off Her Belly Three Weeks After Giving Birth - Kandi Burruss & Cynthia Bailey Congratulate Her, But Some Fans Believe She Got A Tummy Tuck
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Kenya Moore shares a photo on her social media account for her fans and followers. She shows off her fantastic figure just three weeks after she gave birth to baby Brooklyn.

'#3weekspostpartum #47yearoldsnapback #Csection #teamnosleep The SnapBack is real! ????LOL, I still can't work out yet, but I feel much better. I was cut twice during my 3 hr C-section but I made it! I've always been healthy and worked out my entire life...whatever my body will do I'm not rushing it. It feels good to start to feel myself again. #brooklyndaly is worth every battlescar! #myangel #miraclebaby #motherhood #love #family' Kenya captioned her photo.

Kandi Burruss commented, saying that Kenya's snapback game is serious and Cynthia Bailey said that she looks amazing.

Someone said 'Omg u look fabulous @thekenyamoore sending you all the love and happiness in your wee love bubble with baby Daly much love from bonnie freezing windy Scotland lol xx'

A lot of fans said that Kenya definitely got a tummy tuck after giving birth.

Someone came and posted this: 'Just some information for those who believe Kenya had a “tummy tuck” right post c-section- OBGYNs perform caesareans. Plastic surgeons perform abdominoplasties (aka tummy tucks.) I highly doubt a plastic surgeon was in the OR waiting his turn to perform surgery. Besides, the patient is awake and locally anesthetized from the waist down during caesareans, and the patient is under full general anesthesia during a tummy tuck. This is general information and not even regarding the fact that Kenya’s pregnancy, labor, and birth were high risk. It's downright ignorant for anyone to truly believe that any woman can get these two completely different surgeries right back to back.'

Another follower praised her looks and said 'You look wonderful, keep breastfeeding or just pumping. It does wonderful things to your we can see...along with all of your working out. Brooklyn's Mommy is just fine, get over it haters lol ??❤'

Recently, Kenya also posted her very first photo with baby Daly , and her fans were in awe, even if they could not quite see the little one's face.

More fans are asking Kenya to show her baby to the world, and she will probably do this when she considers it appropriate.


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  • LWoods
    LWoods Nov 28, 2018 3:06 PM PST

    I don't understand Why some "haters" are questioning..whether she had Lipo surgery. Kenya, has Always worked out and watched what she ate. So...why would it be so hard for some to think otherwise?!?! If she had choose to go that would be none of our business. I guarantee, the ones that are complaining are unhappy with themselves. ##Black women can grow long hair and stay in shape. Go KENYA!!

  • Alwayssolid
    Alwayssolid Nov 28, 2018 4:53 AM PST

    Kenya spend this time with your baby. Too much vanity honey. You are doing the most to be a first time mom. Congrats. But chill No shade just advice for your family sake it can get out of hand soon

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