Kenya Moore Shares Video Of A Very Special First For Estranged Husband Marc Daly And Their Daughter, Brooklyn -- Some Fans Are Angry

Kenya Moore Shares Video Of A Very Special First For Estranged Husband Marc Daly And Their Daughter, Brooklyn -- Some Fans Are Angry
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It has been about five months since Kenya Moore and husband Marc Daly made official that they were getting a divorce, but that does not mean it is over.

Recently, Kenya hinted with a sweet video that she and Marc are spending some time together under the same roof with their daughter, Brooklyn.

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star took to social media and she delighted fans by posting a sweet video where Marc and his baby girl are enjoying a rare snowfall in Atlanta, Georgia.

Some fans are happy and hopeful after seeing the clip, while others want her to move on because they disapprove of Marc's behavior.

One person said: "It's not KENYA! Her Husband is a NARCISSISTS! Men like him are just jealous envious spirits. It's like Satan's👹 their father very CRAFTY individuals & TOXIC!! They secretly feed off draining positive energy from the one person they should love!! Kenya gives him your a$s to kiss, don't stay for the child! You got your Blessing baby Brooklyn out of him ditch the rest! #Mommy happiness, first! #Stepdaddiesmattertoo"

Another follower made this comment: "Do you know what mark was doing or is doing when you are not around .. belatedly with that sis? Karma is a b*tch. Also, you have a daughter who one day might get it back.📣"

This backer revealed: "Beautiful snowy day! So cute! I remember the first time my children saw snow! We haven’t seen it since in SC. 😩 Priceless picture daughter & dad,😍 I'm hoping you and mark make it that's your husband don't lose sight for what you prayed for..."

A fourth commenter claimed: "This man loves his baby act like he can’t stand her mama🥴
Wow, those are big flakes too! I live in Missouri, and we haven’t had any measurable snow... I’m okay with it, though. 😁"

In a recent interview, Kenya confessed that she had not given up on her marriage.

She stated: “We are in a really good place right now. Our relationship has really taken a turn. He has been so kind to me. Our relationship hasn’t been this good in a long time. I think about a month after we separated, it was around October/November, yeah. I think it turned when we celebrated Brooklyn’s birthday together.”

An insider told Hollywood Life : “Kenya is possibly open to reconciling with Marc. They’re in a good place after co-parenting Brooklyn’s birthday together. She just wants to make sure that any situation she puts Brooklyn in is a very positive one, so she’s taking her time to figure everything out, but Marc has been showing Kenya he’s there for them, so she’s open, but they’re taking everything day by day.”

A reconciliation now seems likely.

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