Kenya Moore Shares Sweet Picture With Husband Marc Daly -- Will He Appear On 'RHOA'?

Kenya Moore Shares Sweet Picture With Husband Marc Daly -- Will He Appear On 'RHOA'?
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Kenya Moore recently took to social media and she posted a sweet photo where she is hanging out with her husband, Marc Daly.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star looked delighted to be spending quality time with her spouse on his birthday.

Kenya became a mother to her new baby daughter, Brooklyn Daly, not too long ago, but she seems to be doing quite well on the whole snap-back thing.

The actress and businesswoman has been posting various pictures showing off her progress in regaining her beautiful body on social media, and they seem to be going over well with her fans.

Many have been supportive of her through her venture, and some of her fans seem particularly in love with Kenya's ability to tell haters to get lost.

Kenya recently showed off her slimmed-down figure, and many have been congratulating her for managing to keep up her stunning figure despite being busy with the show, her company, and motherhood.

It certainly doe not seem like the pregnancy weight has managed to affect Kenya too much though, because it did not take long for her body to regain its wonderful shape and curves after she gave birth to her child.

And she seems to be doing well on the motherhood front as well, enjoying her popularity with her fans, and expressing many positive thoughts about her current situation.

She has been particularly active on social media recently, and it is not hard to tell that she is enjoying all the attention she has been receiving from her fans.

One fan told her: "You look like you already loss all the baby weight! You look good Kenya. Kenya... your mom taught you such valuable lessons. At the time none of it made sense... for a long time, It didn’t make sense, and it hurts... but it did teach you.. you will not be her. You will love, accept, embrace, protect... you will be, all she wasn’t. That is who I am. My daughter is a strong young lady. Be grateful for your lessons. Your the best Mommy because. She wasn’t... that’s how I feel."

Another person stated: "Wow! You really slimmed fast! The baby is adorable! 😍"

This backer said: "You look even better than you did before you had your baby! You snapped the hell back gurl!!!💕💕💕💕"

Kenya is blooming.

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