Kenya Moore Shares More Selfies With Blonde Hair And Fans Use Them To Assume The Baby's Gender

Kenya Moore Shares More Selfies With Blonde Hair And Fans Use Them To Assume The Baby's Gender
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Kenya Moore recently went blonde, and she looks gorgeous with her new shade. Now, she is sharing even more selfies to show off her new look, and her fans are here for it.

We recently reported that Kenya admitted that Bravo's actions hurt her.

She addressed the subject of her leaving RHOA multiple times, and she spoke to her followers on Twitter to clear a few things up.

It has been rumored that Bravo offered her a role as a ‘friend’ of the housewives.

Kenya has denied this from the get-go and said that she’d never settle for.

Now, after seeing her latest pics, her fans are praising her beauty and supporting her all the way.

'I see pink nails and pink lips.... could this mean baby girl ??? Not sure if It was announced.... @thekenyamoore by our absolutely stunning and glowing,' someone even tried to guess the baby's gender based on Kenya's looks. We don't have any confirmation on this yet.

'This pregnancy got you glowing so bright. My gosh, light bright! So pretty,' another fan gushed over Kenya, and someone else agreed, '@thekenyamoore Kenya you look Amazing, keep ur head up, and we are praying that you get a spin-off. TeamTwirl.'

'That color is beautiful on you. I’ll miss your pretty self on RhoA, and I hope you come back after having your baby,' one other follower told her.

'I always just admire you Kenya. If we could understand that you are a PRO in the entertainment industry; therefore, you know how to capture the viewers in all what you do, we would have just enjoyed watching you instead of fighting you darling. I love and enjoy seeing you ???' a commenter praised her and her acting skills as well.

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  • Sindy
    Sindy Jul 25, 2018 8:26 AM PDT

    All the pictures that she posts only show her from shoulders up. She's no more pregnant than I am. I can hold my stomach out like that and look pregnant. Show some belly. You want people to think you are. That's the only way to prove them wrong.

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