Kenya Moore Shares First Picture Of Baby Brooklyn Doris Daly Amid 'RHOA' Return Rumor Started By Kandi Burruss

Kenya Moore Shares First Picture Of Baby Brooklyn Doris Daly Amid 'RHOA' Return Rumor Started By Kandi Burruss
Credit: Instagram

Baby Brooklyn Doris Daly has finally made her debut in a sweet picture with her mother, Kenya Moore.

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star and the wife of Marc Daly was celebrating her first Thanksgiving with her daughter.

The new mom took to social media where she finally gave a glimpse of Brooklyn. In the photo, the businesswoman is wearing a bra and she holds her baby girl.

While the infant's face is not visible, Kenya has described her as the most beautiful baby girl she has ever seen.

The beaming mother captioned the sweet photo: "Thank God for my miracle baby, my husband, and my life. When you have faith in Him, all things are possible. Happy Thanksgiving from the Dalys.
#love #family #brooklyndaly #baby #preemie #faith #God #Thankful."

In a recent post, Kenya revealed that she gave birth via C-section and was in terrible pain when she tried to walk.

The reality TV star said: "#brooklyndaly came early, and the reality is it will take weeks for me to be able to walk without the excruciating pain of a C section and to heal from the multiple cuts to my uterus. Needed to get her some preemie items so of course, off to @target we went. My aunt Lisa is so afraid! ? I'm supposed to be in bed."

One fan told Kenya: "Happy thanksgiving Kenya, so lovely to see you finally got your beautiful baby, I always watched you on housewives, so cute your dreams came true,god bless you & your precious baby girl, & your family,, congratulations, & hope you have a speedy recovery, your going to be a beautiful mommy xx from the UK England xx❤️."

Another sweet message read: "Congrats on being a new mommy! Welcome to motherhood, it's never too late because God makes it happen right on time! I'm so happy for you and many blessings to your new bundle of joy @God answers a prayer Kenya, I prayed for you beautiful, thank God for his unconditional love!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. May God bless and protect your child. Amen."

This third person stated: "Awww Happy Thanksgiving @thekenyamoore ...God has blessed you with an angel enjoy her, love on her, and speak blessings over her. I had a preemie 15 years ago 1 pound 12.7ounce he is now a sophomore in high school AB honor tell me what God can't do.❤❤❤"

Kandi Burruss has revealed that Kenya could return to the Bravo show next season.

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  • PinkDiamonds
    PinkDiamonds Nov 27, 2018 11:18 AM PST

    God bless you Kenya!!! I miss you on RHOA!!! So happy for you and your family!!! ???????????God is good!!!

  • Charles Heard
    Charles Heard Nov 23, 2018 10:27 PM PST

    Dear Mrs Moore congratulations on the birth of your child I am very happy for you I met you one time you came into the post office on Holcomb bridge road in Roswell Georgia and I was in line behind you I was truly truly happy to be in your present at that time I briefly walked up to you and said hello and you spoke that can't wait to see what's next in your life I wish you and your child the best and may God continue to bless you being a parent is wonderful I to have two adopted children in my life would not be happier my children mean the world to me as I'm sure your child will be the mean the world to you again I wish you all the best and all the success you will surely Charles heard...!

  • Nicole
    Nicole Nov 23, 2018 10:47 AM PST

    I'm very happy for Kenya. God's Blessings have flowed down on her. I understand how she feels when you want a child so bad and you think you will never have one. Then you pray for years and just when are about to give up, your prayers are answered. Kenya, you don't have to share your blessing right away. There is nothing wrong with being a little self. Over time you will, you are ready introduce your baby. Tell they hypocrites to have several seats.

  • Jackie
    Jackie Nov 23, 2018 10:11 AM PST

    We do not need Kenya back with the Atlanta Housewife’s, and if she had her own show I will not watch it.

  • Mike
    Mike Nov 23, 2018 10:06 AM PST

    I can only hope this child doesn't grow up with the same mean spirit as her mother, hopefully motherhood will change the harsh temperament her mother displays all the time.

  • Bernell Scott
    Bernell Scott Nov 23, 2018 9:52 AM PST

    Kenya, God has BLESSED you, always put Him first and HE will forever give you the DESIRES of your HEART ❣???❣❣❣. REMEMBER RHOA is only a show. Your family is REALLL!!! He only wants the best for you. You and your family Be Bless!!!

  • Jean
    Jean Nov 23, 2018 8:23 AM PST

    Kandi since you're putting it out there that Kenya is coming back next season, why don't you start her her own show like you were going to do Marlo?

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