Kenya Moore Sets The Internet Ablaze With Photo Of Her Hard Abs

Kenya Moore Sets The Internet Ablaze With Photo Of Her Hard Abs
Credit: Instagram

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore is busy breaking the Internet with her long hair and amazing abs.

Via social media, Marc Daly's wife shared a stunning picture where she is all natural, no makeup, and no weave.

The new mother used the caption to say that she is happy to have real hair that is over 24 inches long.

While wearing a sports bra and yoga pants, the new mother happily flaunted her fantastic figure.

One supporter told Kenya: "I stumbled on the real housewives show some years ago on tv. (With all due respect to you, I was not a fan of reality shows, and I am still not a fan ) It was one very confrontational episode with a lot of anger and yelling. I remembered seeing you, sitting down, crossed legs, looking very calm and poised, looking very regal and graceful. That was a “ thunderbolt “ moment for me. I told my late husband, “ she is so beautiful and elegant “! I have followed you since then, and you have never fallen from that pedestal. God bless you and yours!"

Another person shared: "Still pretty and that baby of yours is a baby doll so pretty. Them eyes are saying y'all not ready for this season of Atlanta House Wife's. Don't come for the Twirl unless the Twirl send for you. 🔥"

A viewer of the show said: "I'm trying to think of a one-word compliment...and I can't so... Gorgeous...Beautiful, Stunning, Phenomenal, Inspirational, Breathtaking...Whew. If there was ever a product I’d buy a celebrity endorses that, it’d be something by Kenya. Because dayum, look at her! She’s my age, and I still am trying to get off the baby weight from 5 years ago! ❤️"

A fourth fan revealed: "Honestly do you really use it? You already looked fabulous! Do many people don’t use the product. These companies just use you guys for advertising. 😢Then us less fortunate folks by it and it doesn’t work, and we become less fortunateKenya. A lot of black folks don’t have hair like yours. A lot is hard to manage. People should start loving their hair texture. Your hair is beautiful tho."

Kenya on top of her game, physically and career-wise. Fans are happy about this new era.

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