Kenya Moore Says Nene Leakes Hired Lisa Bloom To Allegedly Sue Bravo!

Kenya Moore Says Nene Leakes Hired Lisa Bloom To Allegedly Sue Bravo!
Credit: Source: People

Months ago, Nene Leakes hired Lisa Bloom and announced her decision via Instagram without giving any backstory as to why. Now, Kenya Moore is claiming that she hired the high profile lawyer to sue Bravo!

The Glee alum uploaded a photo of Bloom alongside a caption that read: 'Happy I now have @lisabloomesq on my team! I’ve stayed quiet a long time and gathered info along the way. Now I’m gonna make some noise #waitforit #unfair in confidence go here👉🏾[email protected]'

Fans immediately freaked out with speculations that she was filing against the network but couldn't figure out what for.

On the Wendy Williams Show, Nene's on-again off-again friend told her audience that it's not what they think.

'It’s not about her personal life with her family. It is about the side hustle…whether it’s a wig line, a clothing line, fashion, acting roles, the whole bit. Nene doesn’t know ‘well why was everybody so delightful then all of the sudden I hear nothing.’ So that’s why she hired Lisa to get to the bottom of outside of the housewives and her personal life business and that side hustle.'

However, according to Kenya -- it was.


While chatting with Kandi Burruss, Moore blew the lid off Nene's plans to allegedly sue Truly Original and Bravo because she believes they may be blocking her from getting other deals.

'She was suing Bravo and True because she felt like they were blocking her from [other work].'

She had a message for her co-star.

'Here's the thing, nobody is stopping you from getting other work. You're not talented. You don't need to be on anyone else's TV screen doing anything -- looking like a complete buffoon. If you could act, if you could dance, if you were pretty -- then maybe you could get another opportunity or another show.'

What do you think of Kenya's allegations?


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  • Swells
    Swells May 24, 2020 7:47 PM PDT

    Nene does her share of crap, no doubt. But Kenya is a nasty piece of work. Never have liked her presence, just bad energy. Kandi, great business woman, but sometimes needs to shut her mouth up! But she earned her check this season with her 2 cents worth of b.s. Eva, well Eva just needs to do what she does, have babies, and look pretty. She can keep her b.s. comments on lockdown. Love Portia, just not in agreement with Dennis being whats best suited for her in a long term relationship. Cynthia has always struck me as phoney! And that empty headed Yyonna...that's about all I agreed with from Kandi. She didn't bite into Yvonna b.s. about snakegate! Which is some stupid 💩 amongst grown woman. RHOA you've lost me this season!

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