Kenya Moore Says Nene Leakes Has 'Bullied' Everyone On The Show: 'I Wish She Would Get Herself Together'

Kenya Moore Says Nene Leakes Has 'Bullied' Everyone On The Show: 'I Wish She Would Get Herself Together'
Credit: Source: Page Six

Kenya Moore has never been known to mince words which is what made her so great for reality TV. While interviewing at her Kenya Moore Hair Care event at Sally Beauty, she expressed her true thoughts on Nene Leakes.

Kenya and Nene have been going at it for well over a year now. During the latest season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya's appearance at an event thrown for Cynthia Bailey caused the Glee alum to lash out and seemingly remove Cynthia from her friends list altogether.

Now that the mother of one's return was solidified, it's clear that the two Alpha females will be going head-to-head in the new installment judging by a recent interview with TMZ.

When asked why she thinks Nene is threatened by her. Kenya laughs as she quips: 'I mean, you know, I'm fabulous honey. Look at me I'm fabulous.'

Before taking a more serious tone while adding: 'You know what, honestly, I don't know. It is definitely an issue within her. I don't know why she is so intimidated by me. I really wish she would just get herself together because I come in peace but she just always seems to find a way to be bothered.'

The RHOA star was also asked if she thought Leakes was a bully.

'Oh, she's absolutely a bully, She's bullied everyone on the show.'

Going into season 12, Leakes has told her fans time and time again that she has no real friends on the cast and that they would simply be her work friends from now on. According to Kenya, that's exactly what has happened.

Moore told the reporter who asked what side the ladies are on that nearly all the cast was Team Kenya because Nene has 'very few friends' left.


This comes after it was reported that Nene has a plan to confront Kenya about her divorce.


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