Kenya Moore Reportedly Believes NeNe Leakes Got Her Fired From 'RHOA'

Kenya Moore Reportedly Believes NeNe Leakes Got Her Fired From 'RHOA'

It is official Kenya Moore will certainly not be spending Christmas with NeNe Leakes.

It is being claimed that Kenya strongly believes that NeNe is the reason she was fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta last season.

Nene has made it abundantly clear she built RHOA and Kenya seems to think that she used her power to get the heads at Bravo to dump her.

A source close to the reality star and new mom said: “Kenya is thriving as a mother. However, it still burns as she feels the reason RHOA let her go was solely because of NeNe Leakes. Kenya feels that since NeNe has been on the show since the beginning, she holds enough power with casting decisions, but that’s simply not the case.”

The friend said Kenya is still very close to several former co-stars and added: “Kenya and Porsha have been talking constantly about babies and new mommy things, but Kenya doesn’t like watching the show anymore since she wasn’t asked to be a part of it. Cynthia checks in with Kenya quite often to see how she’s doing, too, but Cynthia couldn’t care less that NeNe and Kenya don’t get along. NeNe believes she had absolutely nothing to do with her being let go, but Kenya feels otherwise, and it disappointed her not to be able to document it for her fans on TV this season.”

According to the insider, Kenya misses the show. The person claimed: "She misses the show and everything that came along with it. But she is using this time to focus on being a mom and running her hair care line. She would love to have more babies eventually, but even having this one was such a struggle and she feels extremely blessed to have her and is soaking up every moment with her.”

Kenya recently showed her snap-back with a post that read: "The SnapBack is real! ????LOL. I still can't work out yet but I feel much better. I was cut twice during my 3 hr C-section but I made it! I've always been healthy and worked out my entire life...whatever my body will do I'm not rushing it. It feels good to start to feel myself again."

Will Nene respond to this rumor?

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  • Dee
    Dee Nov 29, 2018 9:25 AM PST

    Kenya dont need to be blaming NOBODY but herself. She choose not to be a friend of the show when it was offered because she wanted her peach status. She fucked that (peach status) up by privately getting married and not immediately telling Bravo that she planned to. Also she married a man that despises the idea of RHOA and wants 0 participation of being on the show. Kenya has done a lot of dirty things to her past cast members (manly cast members who aren't on the show). She's about being in relationships, tried to force a man to get engaged to her, consistently flirt with another cast members husband even after being as to stop which eventually helped lead to the destruction of their marriage, sabotage other people businesses ventures which she contracted to work with....So many other ugly things. She self proclaimed herself to be the "Queen of RHOA " on social media! No it takes 6 or 7 woman to make up this assembly!

  • Ida Nash
    Ida Nash Nov 29, 2018 7:55 AM PST

    Kenya is full of it for blaming Nene for getting fired from RHOA. She got fired because her husband didn’t want to film their wedding or be on the show. Now Kenya and her husband miss the Bravo money and want back on. If she returns I will show watching the show.

  • Kimmi
    Kimmi Nov 29, 2018 7:13 AM PST

    I’m sorry she feels that way but not for one second do I think NeNe had anything to do with it. She has to look back at her storyline last year. It was nice but not what most viewers usually see if her. Own up to your work do what’s needed to get back on the show.

  • Dee Knox
    Dee Knox Nov 29, 2018 5:02 AM PST

    All I have to say is one she is missing that check not the show, two go sit down somewhere we don’t want you back, three #KARMA. Twirl somewhere else.

    • happyeyes
      happyeyes Nov 29, 2018 8:53 AM PST

      You nailed it!

    • Retta
      Retta Nov 29, 2018 8:52 AM PST

      What happened to "Kenya Moore" quit? The true is out. If she would just stop being a lying underhanded manipulative backstabber, maybe people would respect her.

  • Underground Railroad
    Underground Railroad Nov 29, 2018 2:54 AM PST

    Is that selfie real and taken recently? There is no way she could be in that shape after giving birth via C-section.

    • Kimmi
      Kimmi Nov 29, 2018 7:14 AM PST

      I was wondering the same

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