Kenya Moore Recalls The RHOA 'Forever Relevant' Ball And Shades NeNe Leakes

Kenya Moore Recalls The RHOA 'Forever Relevant' Ball And Shades NeNe Leakes
Credit: BET

Kenya Moore shocked some of her fans with the latest photo that she shared on her social media account. It's from RHOA and NeNe Leakes is in the photo as well. Just check out Kenya's post below.

'#FBF who remembers the #ForeverRelevant ball? #RHOA couldn’t tag “everyone” bc it’s blocked 🤷🏾‍♀️ no shade' Kenya wrote.

Someone said: 'Kenya I have loved you since 2015 please give me a shoutout “gone with the wind”.'

A follower threw shade on NeNe and posted this: 'Gorgeous! Nene is in menopause blocking people and acting like she's in high school! Guess some people never grow up no matter how OLD they get.'

One other fan said: 'All that surgery and NeNE still looks a fool!! Kenya you look gorgeous as always.'

Someone else posted this: 'I really smiled from ear to ear! This is the beautiful Kenya inside and out we all want to see. When they go low, we go high!'

A commenter wrote: 'I just died 😂😂😂 Kenya you are everything. Happy birthday queen 👑,' and another fan said: 'All shade aside, Nono embodied her costume the most at that event. She killed it as Grace Jones. That was also several faces, veneers, noses, and a couple of boob jobs ago.'

One Instagrammer had this to say: 'I miss this era Of course we love drama, shade and a good read but now I don’t know what to say people trying to spit on people is toooooooo much.'

Someone else gushed over Kenya and posted: 'I just have to say you are my fav housewife this season! I love the new energy.'

In other news, Kenya celebrated her 49th anniversary yesterday .

She wanted to mark this event with a gorgeous photo and a powerful message that she shared on her social media account, and fans were in awe.


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