Kenya Moore Proudly Shows Off Baby Brooklyn After She Got Her Ears Pierced

Kenya Moore Proudly Shows Off Baby Brooklyn After She Got Her Ears Pierced
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Yesterday was a big day for Kenya Moore's baby Brooklyn because the baby girl had her ears pierced. Kenya Moore and Marc Daly’s baby girl was all smiles while getting ready for the big event.

Kenya shared a new video of the baby girl on her social media account, while she’s waiting to get her shots.

Brooklyn’s smile has fans in awe, and they made sure to praise the cutie pie in the comments section.

Some fans believe that Kenya should have waited for Brooklyn to grown up and let her take this decision by herself, but Kenya did it anyway.

Now, she's showing off her daughter with her little ears pierced in a photo on her social media account.

'@thebrooklyndaly is having a tough time teething, but she’s all smiles after getting her shots and ears pierced yesterday. Gold earrings won the poll, but daddy wanted silver so what daddy wants daddy gets 👶🏽👦🏽' Kenya captioned her post on Instagram.

Someone offered the mom a piece of advice: 'There is an amethyst teething necklace that really works. Look it up on Amazon. I don’t know the technical name for it, but it’s a teething necklace. Brooklyn is beautiful!😍'

Another follower said, 'The cutest baby you guys made there ❤️. But mom and dad are hot, so it’s expected 👏🏽'

One other fan posted 'Every time I scroll my timeline and see her face it makes me smile, she has such a lovely happy face.'

A commenter also gushed over Brooklyn and said 'Hi Brooklyn sorry for the growing pains cutie it comes with growing up you will soon pass this stage get your teeth and let's have some steak hon.'

Teething or not, this is definitely one happy and gorgeous baby!

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