Kenya Moore Opens Up About Dating After Her Split From Marc Daly And Reveals If There's A Chance For Reconciliation!

Kenya Moore Opens Up About Dating After Her Split From Marc Daly And Reveals If There's A Chance For Reconciliation!
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Ever since the two unexpectedly split a little over a month ago, fans have been wondering if there are chances for them to rekindle their love and save their marriage! Now, Kenya Moore reveals if she thinks she and Marc Daly will ever be one item again!

While on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star admitted that ‘There is always hope’ when asked about reconciling with the father of her baby girl, Brooklyn.

She went on to mention that ‘We haven’t filed [for divorce] yet.’

But the reality TV star also confessed that at this point in time, they are yet to work through their issues which have been plaguing their relationship ever since the beginning.

‘We just haven’t worked through things that popped up early in our relationship and they just got exacerbated by everything else,’ Kenya dished and insisted that they have been ‘cordial’ anyway.

Furthermore, Kenya and Marc also co-parent successfully according to her and that was pretty obvious on their daughter’s first birthday yesterday when the former couple reunited to celebrate.

That being said, the family of three took a sweet pic documenting the special day that Kenya shared on social media and the exes were all smiles and even sat close as they posed for the camera.

When asked if her decision to come back to RHOA had anything to do with her marriage coming to an end, the star stressed that they had issues even before the show.

Host Andy Cohen was also shocked to hear that she did not sign a prenup but Kenya made it clear that she doesn’t think Marc would ever come after her money.

After all, she mentioned that they are both ‘successful.’

As for whether or not she's dating yet, Kenya told the host that she is not and will not try to either until after she's actually divorced.


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  • Vergie
    Vergie Nov 4, 2019 11:24 PM PST

    Oh my goodness, dating shouldn’t even be in your conversations. Give the ink time to dry on your so called divorce. So the marriage was a scam, since you can talk about dating so soon. Be watchful, you have a daughter now. Some men will date you just to be near your daughter. Dang! be single longer than two weeks, stop acting like you just have to have a man. Heal!! And you didn’t sign a prenup, he was broke when had him. What? Successful people don’t go broke more than once. Just hope the woman he has don’t get greedy, your money leaving you child.

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