Kenya Moore Makes Huge Announcement About Daughter Brooklyn Daly's Future With Breathtaking Photo

Kenya Moore Makes Huge Announcement About Daughter Brooklyn Daly's Future With Breathtaking Photo
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Kenya Moore has taken to social media to make a fantastic announcement about her adorable daughter, Brooklyn Daly.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) star has revealed that baby Brooklyn has landed a new gig.

The baby girl is officially the new spokesperson for Kenya Moore Haircare. Marc Daly's wife also revealed that she is hoping that her daughter will one day take over the brand.

She shared a beautiful picture and captioned it: "One of the proudest moments of my life! Introducing the new face of #kenyamoorehair, my daughter ... Miss @thebrooklyndaly. I’m building an empire for her! This is my legacy as a double minority Founder and CEO. I invested in myself. This is the lesson for her what a real boss is in modern-day. I’m so proud to have her represent the #KenyaMooreHair brand. She personifies class, intelligence, kindness, pride, happiness, and beauty! The perfect spokesperson 👸🏾👶🏽 Thank you to @sallybeauty for believing in our brand! @sally is now open in 50% of their stores! Get yours today or online at"

One fan had this to say: "A legacy to pass down through generations. I am so proud of you, @thekenyamoore. You are an intelligent and inspiring woman. ❤️"

This backer replied: "Yesssss..... LITTLE MISS MILLION DOLLAR BABY!!!! I love you, and I love what you’re becoming since motherhood!!!! 💜🙌🏾💜 KEEP IT GOING, MOMMY!!!!"

This follower claimed: "This lady despite her nasty way of responding, I admire her so much she has fought her way throughout the storm the shame the bad choices in men, but through it all she had her own house had a baby we never thought it could be possible n here she is so strong bold fearless n her products getting bigger. You can only hate her n that won’t change anything in her life or add anything to yours."

Another person shared: "Baby Brooklyn is already booked & busy. She really looks like a doll😍Chile and can talk better than some of these IG moms putting a camera in their toddler's face still in a diaper, eating sugary foods, and can barely speak anything recognizable. I guess child development takes a back seat to likes, clicks, and endorsements. Glad to see Kenya putting the education first for Brooklyn."

This Instagrammer wrote: "Well, you gotta keep the coins coming in. Why not use your child for financial gain? In the next decade or so, she will have a contract of sorts to keep the money train. Reality television 📺 isn’t forever."

This supporter stated: "Who could have seen this moment even two years ago. You’ve wished and prayed for so long. And here we have a laughing, smiling, singing, counting, talking, the pretty baby girl running around with the most adorable little legs and voice and this huge personality. She’s like a piece of sunshine brightening up your life and our day when you are kind enough to share. I still can't get over it! She is just beautiful. God is so good!!"

Kenya has a real vision.

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