Kenya Moore Lands In Trouble With Critics For Pushing Controversial Product -- See Marc Daly's Wife's Response To The Drama

Kenya Moore Lands In Trouble With Critics For Pushing Controversial Product -- See Marc Daly's Wife's Response To The Drama
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Kenya Moore is working it hard to make her coins and fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta star recently created drama by promoting a controversial product.

Marc Daly's wife posted a picture showing off her very thin figure while drinking a shake.

Kenya explained how the shake helped her lose five pounds: "Yaaas Summer! I’m down another 4-5lbs on @bodycompleterx but the weekend was tough with all the good food! I’m back to my meal replacement shake! I add a little vanilla extract and soy milk. Yummy! Just a few lbs left! I can’t wait. #bodycompleterx #bodygoals"

Fans bashed Kenya for pushing a dangerous product and for having plastic surgeries.

A person claimed: "You had stomach surgery and a FAKE BUTT AND BREAST. That shake didn’t do that....."

This supporter shared: "Happy mom Happy wife Happy Life is Your work out😀. Baby that waist is snatched Kenya I see you baby keep up that work😍😍😍Wait until you have that second baby. Then you'll need that shake and the gym. You look amazing as always. 😀"

Another backer explained: "Kenya u just exudes beauty. I have loved you from the moment you came to RHOA n I still love you n the lil angel. You are an amazing, twirl lady.❤️❤️🙌👌🔥You are my favorite from RHOA. I stopped watching the minute I found out you weren’t on it anymore. We have a few things in common. Detroit native, naturally pretty, real natural long hair. But I need that motivation you have about fitness.😩"

This critic slammed Kenya: "Exactly! Where R the raw veggie n fruits Queen Kenya! Stop with the processed mixes! Go Natural! Fruit n Veggie r not processed foods! That? Shake? Stuff has added things put in it so it will last! You need to clean the food! No preservatives added or necessary when eating raw veggies & fruit! Ask your husband how much chemical he puts on anyone’s plate when he cooks??? Wake up!!!????"

This follower had this advice for Kenya: "Also look up the late Dr. Sebi Alkaline diet see the foods, fruits, and vegetables you’ll be amazed at what trash we are eating and drinking and what we are supposed to eat and drink that’s a real diet google it 👍🏽"

Kenya responded by saying this: "I have the kit and the meal replacement shake."

Should she stop doing this?

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