Kenya Moore Is Shining In White - Check Out Her Recent Photo Here

Kenya Moore Is Shining In White - Check Out Her Recent Photo Here
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Kenya Moore shared a photo on her social media account, and she is looking fabulous. Her fans agree, and they made sure to flood Kenya's social media account with all kinds of praises.

A fan said: 'So Spread that to the trifling hair care line you started. I have always supported you despite everything people say, never did I think you would just rob then ignore your black hard earning customers. What’s up with my delivery Kenya?! No confirmation, no shipping? Talk about supporting black-owned... 👀'

Someone else posted this: 'My one & only favourite housewife! Teamtwirl all day every day! 👑Love from London ❤️' and someone else said: 'Beautiful as always... the haters will never get to your level beautiful Kenya... I love this❤️.'

A fan posted: 'I just want to know who highlighted your face so much your hands are 2 shades darker?? 👀 Smh I hate photo editing. Kenya will always be 😍 no need for bad edits.'

One commenter posted this message in the comments: 'Beautiful Black women, just calm your spirit and enlightened your mind.'

Someone else said: 'That’s why they mad. Shine on them Queen 👸🏾❤️', and a follower said: 'Your outer layer is gorgeous, but from what you have shown us through the screen you're a very ugly person, that’s sad because you use to be one of my favourite character on the housewives but not anymore.# ✊🏿 BLM ‼️we have to continually fight the good fight because obviously even our own is against us 🙄🙄...'

One fan said: 'Keep showing that ring and he ain't even thinking about you he dont wants you😏.'


Kenya Moore shares a video on her social media account in which she looks amazing. Fans cannot praise her enough via the comments. Check out the clip.

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