Kenya Moore Is  Mom-Shamed For New Photos Where She Is Kissing Baby Brooklyn Daly On The Lips While On Vacation -- Did 'RHOA' Star Do Something Wrong?

Kenya Moore Is  Mom-Shamed For New Photos Where She Is Kissing Baby Brooklyn Daly On The Lips While On Vacation -- Did 'RHOA' Star Do Something Wrong?
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Mama Kenya Moore is busy enjoying her life with baby Brooklyn Daly while back in her native Michigan and she decided to share a few pictures online.

In the photos, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star is lounging on a chair and kissing her baby girl.

Many fans of Marc Daly's wife happily praised the new mother, while a few critics went after her for kissing her baby on the lips.

One critic said: "Adults need to stop kissing babies on their mouth. The germs from the adult's mouth could make the baby really sick."

A defender responded by: "God bless you and little Brooklyn. I met the love of my life at 36, and we are still trying (I'm 40 now). Please send prayers and positive vibes our way. 😍❤️😍"

Another follower chimed in: "Shut up! And have you a baby you can kiss. Clearly no one kiss you then are now. There’s nothing like a Mother’s love, thank you for being so kind to me and my daughter Saturday at the Detroit Natural Hair Expo it was so lovely meeting you are genuinely a homegirl.😊"

A fourth Instagram user wrote: "I'm so happy for you. A lot of your fans prayed for her, and I hope you know you're loved by many, and so is our "niece." She already has the 'mom stop embarrassing me with all these kisses' look. 😭I have been a fan of yours for years! I am so glad that you have this happiness in your life, it really is a joyous and inspirational thing to see! You deserve it! ❤️❤️❤️ #teamtwirl"

This fan of the TV show added: "You know I have watched people hate on you and say horrible things about you, but look at God .i would even cry every time I see how the Other housewives just made it their mission to miss understand you, you have always been Real, and you stood your ground! When I see you and your family I believe there is a God, you are such an inspiration and you deserve all good things life has to offer, stay true to who you are 🥰You even inspired me to start my own hair care line 💃🏻You are nothing short of amazing Kenya Moore 💞I'm still so happy you had a baby Kenya ❤️ all the people that talked about you are eating their words."

Kenya has no time for critics at the moment.

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  • JunieD
    JunieD Aug 22, 2019 5:56 PM PDT

    She looks just like her Father and Kenya can throw whatever shade she wants. People ask for it sometimes. It is Reality TV, there will always be drama. That's what the producers and executives encourage for ratings. It works.

  • Cecilia Maxie
    Cecilia Maxie Aug 22, 2019 1:26 PM PDT

    She absolutely did NOTHING wrong , that's her DNA and her child . Her baby girl was cut from her birth cord , not the public's, they need to mind what's going on in their personal lives and stay out of other , those peoples are just trouble

  • Constance
    Constance Aug 22, 2019 11:25 AM PDT

    That's her baby and kissing her anywhere doesn't have any effect on her. So what she can do as she pleases. Keep doing what you do Kenya with your beautiful baby girl. So happy for you Kenya you finally got what you've always wanted a FAMILY!

  • Brownsugar
    Brownsugar Aug 22, 2019 10:59 AM PDT

    I'm not Kenya's fan but ppl should leave her alone dam now I cant kiss your on child ,really ppl got it twisted obvious they never was shown innocent love not the kind they lock ppl up for love ure precious jewel we're waiting on the 2nd 1

  • Glo
    Glo Aug 22, 2019 8:00 AM PDT

    Well she dont look like so call daddy Marc. Kenya just too damn shady and always starting mess.

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