Kenya Moore Is In Full Mommy Mode, Strolling Into Brunch 'Like A Boss' - Fans Freak Out After Seeing Her Outfit

Kenya Moore Is In Full Mommy Mode, Strolling Into Brunch 'Like A Boss' - Fans Freak Out After Seeing Her Outfit
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Kenya Moore is hanging out with her baby Brooklyn and pal Miss Lawrence. Check out the classy mommy in her latest photos that she shared on social media with her fans.

'Strolling into brunch with @misslawrence like a boss,' Kenya captioned her pics.

Someone said 'Beautiful Kenya got the last laugh. They made fun of her for being single and not having a baby. But now she has it all.'

Another follower freaked out when seeing the fur coat that Kenya has on and the person hopes it's not real fur: 'The cruelty of the fur industry causes unimaginable suffering and pain to animals. ... Most of the fur industry’s animal skins come from animals forcibly confined and crowded inside small wire cages stacked on top of each other - I’m very disappointed if she’s wearing real fur - she’s highly educated woman so I hope I’m wrong.'

There were more commenters concerned with the same issue, but Kenya did not address this so far.

Someone else believes that RHOA needs Kenya: 'The show needs you both, then it will be bold and beautiful! Instead of the young and the restless...ratings would fly!'

Another follower gushed over the new mom and said 'Yes Mam. Looking like a campaign for Boss Mommy! Yessssssss Kenya. OMG, I'm so super happy for you.'

Someone else also gushed over Kenya and her daughter: 'Dayum! Sis, you out here killing the Game! You and Brooklyn look like royalty! Ms. Lawrence too cute w/o his best but that’s par for the course🍭.'

Kenya impressed her followers recently with a brand new pic of beautiful Brooklyn and fans were in awe.

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  • Honest
    Honest Jan 14, 2019 10:20 AM PST

    Is it just me?!?! I'm so tired of people talking about the cruelty of animals when someone wears fur. Don't get me wrong...I love animals but I love the human race more. I wished they had the same passion for human cruelty to African Americans living in America!! Use the same platform to Stop the brutality of our black men who are shot down and treated less.

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