Kenya Moore Is In 'Excruciating Pain' After Her C-Section - Her Family Is Reportedly Afraid For Her

Kenya Moore Is In 'Excruciating Pain' After Her C-Section - Her Family Is Reportedly Afraid For Her
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During her C-section, Kenya Moore reportedly lost a lot of blood, but she is finally a mom, and her dream came true. Her daughter, Brooklyn Daly arrived early, and the new mom was supposed to stay in bed after her November 4th birth.

Kenya was not a good girl at all, and just after four days after her surgery, she decided to go on a Target run in Atlanta even if she's not quite able to walk.

She posted on Instagram a video from Target, and her relatives and fans were worried sick for her because she should have stayed in bed, as reported by Hollywood Life.

'#brooklyndaly came early, and the reality is it will take weeks for me to be able to walk without the excruciating pain of a C section and to heal from the multiple cuts to my uterus. Needed to get her some preemie items so of course, off to @target we went. My aunt Lisa is so afraid! ? I’m supposed to be in bed,' she captioned the video.

Lisa can be heard in the background saying 'I hope she doesn’t crash into anything.'

One of her fans told her 'Sorry to tell you, but you will pay for this the next day (I did). Rest, relax, and enjoy your new baby. Right now all she really needs is you.'

Another follower also advised Kenya the same thing: 'HARD HEADED ASS... lol!!! You do know you can shop online now, right? Your friends could have picked it up for you! GET BACK IN BED... ALL 3 of my children were born with a c-section... Don’t play with it... Get In Bed! Before you end up back in the hospital... don’t get me wrong, you’re not handicapped but don’t rush the process either! Take Care Lady!!!'

Someone else told her, 'Kenya we love you and we see your efforts but try and take the advice. Let someone do this for you while you stay home. Don’t hurt yourself.'

Another commenter said 'You definitely need to rest a C Section is no joke and God forbid you pop a stitch or staple it’s going to feel like you had the c section all over again..'

We hope that Kenya will be more careful and take better care of herself.

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