Kenya Moore Is Being Backed By 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Fans After Marc Daly Debacle

Kenya Moore Is Being Backed By 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Fans After Marc Daly Debacle
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Marc Daly, the husband of the Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore, is facing enormous backlash over his attitude towards his spouse in recent episodes of the show.

During the last installment of the hit series, Moore opened up and talked about the struggles she had because of the constant absence of her husband, who works in a different state, and the two of them only met each other once every week or so.

Besides not seeing enough of her spouse, Moore added that when Daly was at home, he spent more time with their daughter, Brooklyn Daly, instead of turning some of his attention to his wife.

What is more, he also wanted their child to sleep in their bedroom during the nights when she wanted more intimate time with him.

The reality TV star also explained that when their romance started, Daly was treating her much better and was very attentive towards her needs.

However, she did not feel like she meant something to him recently as she stated that at the beginning of their relationship, there were always flowers and romantic messages for her.

On the last episode of the series, Daly appeared for the very first time, and the camera showed him and Moore, sharing a meal with their baby daughter.

The happy father could be seen holding little Brooklyn, while Moore was preparing breakfast for them.

While the family was eating, Moore tried to ask if Daly wanted to spend his birthday just the two of them, but Daly replied that Brooklyn was going to be joining them too.

One person said: "It was so sweet when you were telling Brooklyn that you waited so long for her and did not want to be away. She will be so loved, and you seem like such a loving and amazing mother! I feel the same about my toddler. ❤️❤️❤️❤️"

A second follower explained: "I don't know what's going on with Marc, but he couldn't try to pull it together for the cameras. Does he want to be on the show? Does he hate you at the moment, he was acting like a pure a$s."

This fan revealed: "Still, he should have some respect, and he could've at least communicated with you during that conversation. It was so hard to watch you trying to get his attention. I was mad for you. And he knew who he married, so why is he surprised that he's being asked to be on the show? I wanted to clonk Marc w/baby bottle. lol."

A backer stated: "We saw about 2mins of what was probably an hour or two of filming that Bravo wanted to show. I can't say I blame Marc for not wanting to film. I'm sure it's hard enough to maintain some normalcy but then to have to live it out on tv in front of everybody. Keep your head up."

Moore and Daly might surprise supporters by remaining together.

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