Kenya Moore Is Addressing The Subject Of Infertility - Read Her Message

Kenya Moore Is Addressing The Subject Of Infertility - Read Her Message
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Kenya Moore shared an important message on her social media account in which she's addressing the crucial subject of infertility. She also suffered from related health-issues, and that's why it's best to read her message below.

'#fibroidawarenessmonth SOOOOO MANY OF US suffer from fibroids. It is THE reason that I suffered from infertility. My amazing #obgyn effortlessly removes my largest fibroids and preserved my uterus. @drmillerthrasher has written a new book the explains in plain speak what they are, how we get them, and so many options to remove them,' Kenya began.

She continued and said: 'The Innovative women’s guide to managing Fibroids without hysterectomy #supportblackbusiness and pick up her book today. Check my stories for the link. #buyblack #blm.'

Someone posted this: 'Diet is key.. As a Vegan, I don't deal with it.. But I feel for those women that do.. Black Women especially have the highest cases of this.. And I found, that if we change the way we eat, we can get rid of a lot of medical issues including Fibroids.. tumors feed off of dairy, breads, and processed foods and salt.. We gotta eat cleaner and healthier .. I know there are disparities within Black communities and lack of fresh healthy food stores.. But this has to change.. We are sick and food can be linked to our overall health mentally and physically.. But I wish all those sistas out there all the best on their journey to have kids...'

Another follower said: 'Thank you sweetie! I’m so grateful to be a part of your journey.'

One other follower said: 'Uterine artery embolization also called uterine fibroid embolization has helped innumerable women battling fibroids. No surgery necessary and much faster recovery. Some people may not be candidates but I’ve seen way too many women undergo surgeries including myomectomy and hysterectomy that don’t need it.'

One other follower posted this: 'I'll NEVER forget my doctor suggested that I have a hysterectomy (partial one) even though my fibroids weren't really causing problems or pain to me. I politely declined...I unintentionally got pregnant 2 months later. I wouldn't have my son today had I listened to my doctor, smh.'

Other than this, Kenya  had a great weekend with her miracle baby , and she made sure to keep her fans updated.

She recently shared a photo on her social media account in which Kenya is together with  Brooklyn Daly , looking at a giraffe.

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