Kenya Moore Is About To Start A Feud With Nene Leakes Over This Video From 'The Real' -- Will Jeannie Mai React?

Kenya Moore Is About To Start A Feud With Nene Leakes Over This Video From 'The Real' -- Will Jeannie Mai React?
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It looks like Kenya Moore is trying to start a new feud with Nene Leakes and she might just get it.

Last week, Nene was a guest host on The Real where Jeannie Mai opened up about her ex-husband, Freddy Harteis, whom she had to make alimony payments to after their divorce.

Jeannie said the following: “I was married to somebody who had more money than me, but because I was the stronger earner, and we lived in California, a shocking thing slapped me in the face when we got divorced and I had to end up paying him my earnings. And that really taught me a lesson today about looking out for myself.”

Jeannie was interrupted by Nene, and some fans said she was wrong to do so and Kenya agrees. Kenya made her sentiments about Nene known by liking this message:

Fans of the Real Housewives of Atlanta stars decided to weigh in.

One person said the following: "Agreed bc That’s exactly what she did...just straight up dismissed how that Jeanie was feeling and tried to hit her with some fake gratefulness, like a girl, I am grateful and I’m pissed that I have to pay alimony at the same time🤔"

Another commenter stated: "Ok, but when is Jeanie going to mention that she got to keep their mansion and everything in it and her bank accounts, and he took some dated cars and his bank accounts. Her lawyers blocked his ability to get spousal support, and to split assets fairly she had to pay him a one-time undisclosed amount. Sounds fair to me 🤷🏾‍♀️. Nene was talking about actual spousal support, and Jeanie is going to sit there going along with it like she’s in the same boat. Stop dragging this mans character through the mud. She talked about him like he was a really good man all the way up until she had to pay him in the divorce settlement. Girl Jeannie was getting ready to pull her pity card out. NeNe did right."

This supporter shared: "I hope everyone goes and watches the full clip. You can’t really judge NeNe off of this small clip. This is a talk show with multiple hosts, therefore, multiple views.... someone needs to introduce another way of looking at the situation whether it’s right or wrong. Not to mention everyone has a limited time to discuss their viewpoint."

Freddy's baby mama, Linsey Toole, also bashed The Real co-host for her remarks.

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