Kenya Moore Introduces Brooklyn Daly, The Future Great Pianist, In Sweet Video

Kenya Moore Introduces Brooklyn Daly, The Future Great Pianist, In Sweet Video
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Mama Kenya Moore is beaming with pride over her baby daughter, Brooklyn Daly, who is hitting her milestones and showing the world that she is a real genius.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum posted a sweet video where the two-month-old daughter of Marc Daly is doing her best to play classical music.

Kenya told her millions of fans that her baby girl might be a great pianist one day and added: "Getting my Mozart on... one day I’ll be a great pianist and composer... my mommy said I can be anything I want.
#babybrooklyn #brooklyndaly 9.5 weeks old."

One fan reacted to all the cuteness by saying: "Look at Brooklyn all tjat cuteness. Not even three months and trying to turn over. Be careful as my mom used to tell me that baby moving fast getting out the way. I think that's part of our problem with parenting today; people think they know it all. Some people don't and can appreciate the help. Don't worry about the know it all's. If Kenya already know she all ready know, who did it hurt? I can't stand when someone is criticizing me, but a little help never hurts even if I already know it. As long as it comes from a good place, some of us don't mind. Just come correct. Mostly everything we know, someone had to show or tells us. Whether it was in person from someone, we know or don't, even from the tv, radio, etc. Maybe Kenya didn't see any harm in it; I didn't. "

Another follower explained: "Girl people love to give their opinion but try to go in when you give yours. We all commenting on the same blog post. So we are all guilty of being involved in Kenya's business that she's sharing with us and allowing the comments. I sure if someone offends her she got a block button too. You good Sis! Anywho, I’m so happy for you. God bless you and your beautiful family."

This person claimed: "Already trying to turn and learning your Mozart? Brooklyn is going to be smarter the even mom and dad. Good job honey bonnie! She so cute and advanced... uh oh, you know what that means.. she is making room for a sibling😍 lol. Woah!! That's so cool. I've gotta ask mommy about one of those."

A fourth supporter wrote: "THANK YOU For continuing to share your beautiful life’s story with all of us. We feel like your friends and love, being a matter of the heart, makes us family. We all wish the best for you and yours. God is so amazing!!

Do you think Brooklyn will be a famous musician one day?

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