Kenya Moore Has 'RHOA' Fans Confused Over C-Section After Sharing Beach Picture With Brooklyn Daly

Kenya Moore Has 'RHOA' Fans Confused Over C-Section After Sharing Beach Picture With Brooklyn Daly
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Kenya Moore is celebrating her 48th birthday and truth be told; the new mom never looked so good.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum has the Internet going wild over her C-Section scar, (which is not visible), in a stunning bikini photo where she is using the beach as her walkway.

Moore flaunted her killer abs, endless legs, and lots of cleavage as she walked around with cutie pie baby Brooklyn Daly in her arms.

Many are telling Kenya she is beautiful and she needs to teach her daughter to love her skin tone.

A curious person asked: "Looking great Kenya! Where is your C-Section scar in this low cut bikini 👙? 😏"

A mom, who had the procedure, explained: "I think it depends on the skin, surgeon, and aftercare. I’ve had two c section incisions, and both healed almost unnoticeably (thank God)! Now the pooch is another story... lol 🤦🏾‍♀️For the rest I think they photoshop and even apply make-up for the pic."

This fan opened a positive conversation on loving oneself and others: "Thank you, and I hope she does too! Another thing I would say to her (which is how I raised my daughter)... Imagine how incredibly BORING it would be if we all looked alike! Blech! Imagine how BORING it would be if we all grew up with the same life experience? It's our differences that make us beautiful, in how we look and our culture. We get to SHARE these things with each other and that IMO is the spirit and spice of life! The only *differences* I have ZERO TOLERANCE for are those who hate, who think they're BETTER for ANY reason, are close-minded and/or think they have the right to control ANYTHING about anyone else's life other than their own. God put us here to LOVE each other!"

This follower responded by: "Well, the child has a great point, we're not black. We are a people with many of beautiful shades of color. Just keep instilling in her that no matter what color she is, that she is your very flawlessly beautiful Princess and Queen. Let her know that God our heavenly father created everyone the way he wanted us to be.💜💜💜💜."

Kenya is slowly getting back to her top shape.

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