Kenya Moore Explains Why She Apologized To Vivica A. Fox

Kenya Moore Explains Why She Apologized To Vivica A. Fox
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Kenya Moore and Vivica A. Fox are both Black Hollywood royalty who once ran in the same circle. The two were also friends up until they competed on a season of Celebrity Apprentice.

Their feud on the formerly hosted show escalated so badly that they were arguing in the boardroom and Fox accused Moore of stealing her cell phone. It continued on in real life for years.

Vivica brought up Kenya on her Fox Soul show earlier this year by saying that that's a feud that will never go away.

In a surprising move, Kenya apologized to Vivica on the Wendy Williams Show.

'Before we did Celebrity Apprentice ,  we were friends. And I recently heard her say that I had hurt her, and I had never heard her say that before. And as a woman hearing that, it really broke my heart because I do have love for Vivica even though we beef.  To me, it was superficial. But, I wanted to apologize to her, and I still do, but she didn’t take my phone call.'

It turns out that Kenya is being genuine about wanting to mend her broken bridge with Vivica because she repeated her sentiments to Andy Cohen when asked about it on Watch What Happens Live.

'She hasn't reached out to me [since the apology]. She definitely has my information or knows people. I wanted to apologize to her because on Claudia Jordan's show [earlier this year], she again reignited whatever was going on between us, our feud, but it was the first time I had ever heard her say I had hurt her. Beefing or superficial arguing is one thing, but when I heard her say I hurt her, and Vivica and I were friends before Celebrity Apprentice and whatever went awry, went awry — but to hear that I hurt her and I really believed her.'

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