Kenya Moore Explains Why Her Nemesis, NeNe Leakes, Should Quit 'The Real Housewives Of Atlanta'

Kenya Moore  Explains Why Her Nemesis, NeNe Leakes, Should Quit 'The Real Housewives Of Atlanta'
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Kenya Moore seems to know something that Wendy Williams is not aware of when it comes to her co-star and nemesis, NeNe Leakes.

The former beauty queen and star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta recently sat down with the ladies of The Real , where she was asked about the bombshell that Williams dropped about Leakes quitting the Bravo show.

Moore is adamant that Leakes is not going anywhere for this simple reason -- she has bills to pay, and the show gives her a huge salary.

Moored stated: "Does she still have bills that need to be paid? No, I don't think so. I think that's fake news. Listen, there's not a lot of jobs out there that will pay a woman in their 50s -- a black woman, especially -- close to or over a seven-figure salary. So no, I don't think she's going to quit any time soon."

The news of Leakes leaving the Bravo show originated from a text sent from Leakes to Williams, which she then read on the air saying: "I'm quitting. I know something about NeNe that you all will cry, be sad, feel bad for her. She's carrying the weight of a huge thing on her shoulders."

Moore was asked if the whole thing is a PR stunt and she revealed the following: "I do think there's a sympathy card involved. But listen. She's been on the show for a long time, since the beginning. And I think the last two years have been really hard for her. I mean, #SpitGate is coming up, where she has issues spitting things at people, including myself. And I just think that that's not the NeNe that we fell in love with. Like, we want to see the fun, fun-loving, homegirl NeNe. And I think maybe it's just time for her to take a step back from the show and just get herself together."

Moore made it clear that it is time for Leakes to exit the series and come back in a few years.

The ladies are not on good terms with each other at the moment, and this interview will make matters worse, but then again, the series love the drama, catfight, and constant shading.

Fans are excited to follow the exchanges.

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