Kenya Moore Doesn't Regret Stopping By Cynthia Bailey’s Party And Causing Drama

Kenya Moore Doesn't Regret Stopping By Cynthia Bailey’s Party And Causing Drama
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It looks like even though Kenya Moore is no longer part of the RHOA cast, she still somehow manages to start drama on the show. This time, she managed to do it by stopping by Cynthia Bailey’s party, featured during the season finale!

Furthermore, one insider report claims she has no regrets since ‘she knew it made for great TV.’

The new mother was well aware of what she was doing.

This is what a source close to her tells HollywoodLife, at least.

The same insider goes on to claim that ‘Kenya felt hurt to have not been asked to be back on RHOA this season. Kenya knew she was going to cause a lot of chatter and drama by showing up to Cynthia‘s party on the RHOA finale which is why she did it. At the end of the day though, Kenya really did want to support Cynthia.’

‘Kenya originally was not going to go because she was eight months pregnant during filming, but she felt well enough to go and decided to show up and did not find it a big deal not to share that with the other ladies.'

Kenya also told Cynthia she wasn't going to come since she knew the RHOA cameras would be there to capture the whole thing.

But, as you know, she showed up anyway.

As for Cynthia, the source explained that she does not understand why NeNe feels so betrayed.

It is not her business what kind of relationship the two have, and Cynthia is not about to pick sides – as far as she is concerned, both are her friends, so she naturally wanted them both at the party.


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