Kenya Moore Defends Herself After Wearing ‘Problematic’ Native American Halloween Costume

Kenya Moore Defends Herself After Wearing ‘Problematic’ Native American Halloween Costume
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Kenya Moore got in hot water over her 'warrior princess' Halloween costume as she dressed up in what looks like Native American attire. However, the RHOA star defended her choice, arguing that it's not cultural appropriation but many were still not convinced.

The Halloween episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta just aired and so, many, including her co-stars, are accusing the reality TV star of appropriating Native American culture because of her choice of 'costume.'

Kenya showed ut at Falynn Guobadia's spooky party in a brown fringe dress and feathers headdress and she got dragged for it in the confessionals but now, also on social media!

While Moore actually explained her costume as being of a 'Warrior Princess,' Bravo actually labelled it onscreen, throughout the episode, as 'Native American.'

Drew Sidora was one of the ladies that made it clear she was not happy about the costume.

In her confessional, she stated: 'Kenya's Native American costume is super problematic but I ain't trying to ruffle no feathers for this girls trip. It seems like I'm the only one who sees the issues with Kenya Moore's decisions.'

But Drew was not the only one who thought that since Porsha also called her out, saying that 'Kenya is a Native American warrior. I thought we weren't doing that no more. I knew that this girl was crazy, but add lame to the list, add whack to the list.'

LaToya Ali also admitted that she 'just couldn't believe the costume' that Kenya was wearing.

On the other hand, Kandi Burruss defended Kenya in the After Show, admitting that she did not think Kenya was trying to 'mock anyone.'

After the backlash online, Kenya defended herself as well, saying that the costume is 'Also part of [her] heritage.'

And sure enough, some fans agreed, one arguing that 'Africans, Caribbean's and different ppl of color wear headpieces. They wanna hate every chance they get!'

But even so, many still thought the costume was problematic.

'Kenya, I identify as Native American and can tell you that our heritage and culture doesn't mean we use it as a 'costume' for a Halloween party, even if it is apart of your heritage that doesn't make it right,' one user argued.


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