Kenya Moore Continues To Raise Awareness About Families Who Cannot Have Children

Kenya Moore Continues To Raise Awareness About Families Who Cannot Have Children
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Kenya Moore is really supportive of families with problems after she had her own terrible health issues. She managed to have her miracle baby, and she is doing everything that she can to help families who have the same problems and are faced with difficulties regarding having children.

She shared a message in their support once again, and you can check it out below.

'#teamtwirl, please click @babyquestgrants and follow now! Tag 2 people who love their family More awareness means more donations to help families have more #miraclebabies #babyquestgrants #babyquestfoundation #love #familyfirst,' Kenya captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Already following, you guys give me hope. I’m almost 40, and I’ve been struggling with being able to carry out my pregnancies and was giving up.'

A follower brought up the Cynthia Bailey engagement issue and posted this: 'Kenya, I really like you and don't think you meant to ruin Cynthia's surprise but am curious why you said that to her? Did you not know that Kandi was telling you as a secret that he was going to propose for definite? I'm thinking maybe you thought Kandi was saying "oh he might propose" so you thought ok to tell Cynthia that and not like you were telling her something you knew for a fact?'

You probably know by now that Kenya was accused of ruining Cynthia's engagement, and the drama had fans debating the issue.

Someone else praised Kenya and said: 'Kenya! Hold your head up and twirl along with daughter and with God in your heart!'

One commenter praised Kenya despite shading her a few years ago: '@thekenyamoore Back in 2013 during your first year on #rhoa, I made some negative comments and apparently you had read them and promptly blocked me. I don't ever want to make people feel bad or put negativity out into the world. So I want to apologize for that. I think you are a stunning, funny, intelligent woman who is going to be a great mum. I wish you and yours a Happy New Year. I hope your heart heals and you find someone who appreciates you. You deserve it.'

Other than this, Kenya shared her most loved pics from 2019 , and she’s gushing over her riders on her social media account.

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