Kenya Moore Claps Back At 'Vile' NeNe Leakes After Claiming She 'Bought Her Eggs' And That Her Marc Dally Marriage Is Not Legal!

Kenya Moore Claps Back At 'Vile' NeNe Leakes After Claiming She 'Bought Her Eggs' And That Her Marc Dally Marriage Is Not Legal!
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On the Real Housewives of Atlanta season 12 finale, a lot of drama happened, including NeNe Leakes making some huge claims about Kenya Moore’s personal life! Now, the latter is clapping back, calling the other reality TV star’s accusations ‘vile!’

As you may know, NeNe accused Kenya of buying her eggs and that her marriage with Marc Daly is not actually legal!

The two have a baby girl named Brooklyn together but NeNe has a totally different theory on how Kenya became a mother for the first time in her late 40s.

As far as she is concerned, Kenya and Marc are not only not legally married but their 1 year old daughter came from ‘some eggs that they bought.’

While chatting with Extra’s Billy Bush in a new interview, Kenya addressed the other woman’s accusations, saying that: ‘Yes, I’m legally married. I have my marriage certificate. I have witnesses. She is basically calling pretty much everybody in Turks and Caicos a lie, my whole family a lie…I just think that she crosses lines.’

But what upset her the most was NeNe’s claims about her buying the eggs that led to her daughter being born: ‘She’s a vile person, and kids are off-limits. I just think when people make comments like that it's to try to hurt them where they're most vulnerable…it's who she is…She is who she is. She is never going to change.’

Of course, it’s no secret that the two ladies have been feuding for a while to the point that it’s a big part of the RHOA’s storyline now.

However, when asked if she thinks there needs to be drama between them for the show’s sake, she argued that: ‘It does not need to be. I've been a target of her attacks because I have seen her for who she is. She never supported me during the pregnancy and even now that my beautiful baby's here…making these accusations and just targeting my family.’


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  • Swells
    Swells Apr 22, 2020 10:18 PM PDT

    I wish Kenya Moore and Nene Leaks would both hush up. With them it's like the pot calling the kettle black! Nene is more street oriented in her comments. Kenya likes to play prim and proper but throws just as much shade, agitates, and bullies!

  • Kim
    Kim Apr 22, 2020 6:26 PM PDT

    Kenya is a trip! She can get nasty with the things she says about Nene and to her.But,Soon as Nene gives her something back she plays so high and above the nasty talk.Nene was just talking about this on her IG The other ladies can come for her but its different when she strikes back.Kenya needs to suck it up.She gets what she gives but not as much as she deserves.smh

  • Angela Williamson
    Angela Williamson Apr 22, 2020 10:31 AM PDT

    I honestly do not see what anyone sees in this woman!!! She is an embarrassment to all women!!! She couldn't ever lift a friend up and try to make them feel better or feel good about their own selves!!! She is a bully, a hateful, mean & conniving Bully!!!!! She always tries to pass the title on to anyone she doesn't like, but the truth is it is HER, SHE is the bully, ask anyone that has ever had any type of dealings with her!!!! She puts everyone else down to make her self feel better about who & what she is. She is a mean girl 100% that is who she is. She is gross and I do not like her at all.

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