Kenya Moore Breaks Down While Revealing Marc Daly Is Not Her Power Of Attorney -- Here's Why!

Kenya Moore Breaks Down While Revealing Marc Daly Is Not Her Power Of Attorney -- Here's Why!
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Kenya Moore thought she found the man of her dreams in Marc Daly. With her return back to Real Housewives of Atlanta, she is being open about the trouble in paradise.

At this point in the season, Kenya finds herself confiding in her friends about her marital issues with Marc. This was months before the announcement that they have decided to pull the plug on their union.

During Sunday's episode of RHOA, Kenya will speak with an attorney about what would happen to her assets if she were to pass away.

She was asked if she has a trustee to which she responds with: 'Oh god. If you appoint the wrong person, then they can just take everything. Yeah, that makes me very nervous.'

She then reveals that Daly isn't her power of attorney which usually is the standard when you're married.

'I think he would have a hard time if it goes against what he really thinks should happen.'

When the lawyer goes on to say that it sounds like Marc has his own assets, Moore breaks down in tears while explaining that in life things change.

That may have been a turning point for Kenya because that signals that the trouble between her and Marc is more serious than she is letting on.

In the confessional, she opens up about the situation at hand.

'You’ve gone so many years to try to find this person who is perfect for you and you want it to last forever but it doesn’t always go the way you expect it to, and the one thing that I want to do is protect my assets for my daughter.'

This seems like it will open up a bigger conversation that is previewed during multiple promos where the restaurateur says that if she takes everything he would build it again.

The separated couple never signed a prenup.


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