Kenya Moore Announces An Exciting Partnership With 'Sally Beauty' - Her Dream Of Having A Great Hair Line Is Now A Reality

Kenya Moore Announces An Exciting Partnership With 'Sally Beauty' - Her Dream Of Having A Great Hair Line Is Now A Reality
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Kenya Moore had an exciting announcement to make on her social media account for her fans. She tells them that her dream of having a great hair line has now become a reality after the latest partnership. Here's her message below.

'I’m so passionate about hair care, and it’s so exciting that my dreams of making @kenyamoorehair a great hair care line. Hopefully following in the steps of the great #madameCJWalker who has inspired me to live my dreams!' Kenya began her post on social media.

She continued and said 'Thank you @sallybeauty For recognizing my products as an affordable luxury brand. We are now in over 2200 of their 2600 stores! (Respectively there are only 1800 Target stores). We are growing exponentially, and I can’t be more thrilled. This is my legacy for my daughter. Live your dreams!  Our commitment to healthy hair is paramount in delivering quality products to the masses at affordable prices. Please support by visiting a @sallybeauty Store today and to learn more about the products.'

Kenya's fans are proud of her accomplishment, and they make sure to tell her this in the comments.

A fan wrote 'I wasn’t a fan of yours in the beginning and I know my opinion is irrelevant, but I’ve grown to admire and love you. We can all be immature at times, but you have become such an inspiration since having your daughter and meeting your husband. I’m happy, and it gives me hope some of the other ladies find the happiness and maturity you did.'

One follower criticized Kenya and said 'So she wears a weave and promoting the product like ok....BUT I'm super proud of her and all the things that she has overcome.'

Someone else said '@thekenyamoore that’s amazing and longevity Such a smart beautiful black strong 💪🏾 woman. #teamtwirl ❤️'

Kenya also made her fans proud when she graced the cover of Sheen magazine  a few days ago. This was baby Brooklyn’s official photoshoot, and she did great.

In other news, Kenya was, is and will also continue to be a subject of debate on RHOA .

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  • Somona L Mason
    Somona L Mason Apr 29, 2019 1:10 PM PDT


  • Reese
    Reese Apr 29, 2019 11:53 AM PDT

    Kenya natural hair is a pretty good length. Hollywood makes celebs wear pieces to achieve the look they need thats why tamar continues to wear wigs. Can't mess with the money these women and some men too are under contract. Not just black either they all wear some sort of piece to get fullness.

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