Kenya Moore And Quad Webb's Appearance On WWHL Was Cringe-Worthy - They Hashed Out Their Beef On Camera!

Kenya Moore And Quad Webb's Appearance On WWHL Was Cringe-Worthy - They Hashed Out Their Beef On Camera!
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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore and Married to Medicine star Quad Webb appeared side by side as guests on the most recent episode of Watch What Happens Live , and things got awkward really quick when host Andy Cohen played a cringe-worthy RHOA clip of Moore’s husband Marc Daly defending NeNe Leakes.

After the clip, Webb tried to ask Moore how it feels to see her husband not have her back, and some issues between the ladies immediately emerged. This led to the two ladies hashing out their beef in front of Bravo cameras.

In the clip, Daly says that he cares about the people who matter in his life, and he explained that Leakes was nice to him the first time he met the RHOA cast. Moore reminds him that he was “very offended” when Leakes made fun of her when she was pregnant, calling her “pregnant with a buffalo.”

"It's an inappropriate comment, but then she reached out to you after and tried to apologize," Daly replied, to which Moore said: "No, she actually didn't."

Daly insisted that he didn’t have a problem with Leakes. Then Kandi Burruss said in her confessional that Daly is supposed to have his wife’s back, not Leakes.

As soon as the clip ended, Webb chimed in with her question. But, Moore didn’t want to respond to Webb and told her, “Well, I’m gonna let Andy ask the question.” Cohen said that is exactly the question he was going to ask, and Moore told him that the clip was difficult to watch because a husband and wife should have a united front.

After Moore’s answer, Cohen said for a second time that Webb asked the same question he was going to ask. And, Webb said she understood because Cohen is the host, and Moore did the same thing when she was on her Sister Circle talk show.

Fans immediately noticed how Moore treated Webb, and later in the episode Cohen said that he had been getting a lot of tweets asking why Moore was so shady to Webb.

"Well, that's gonna take too long for me to answer," Moore replied. But, Quad told her to answer the question.

"You're very smart. You could just sum it up real quick. Just give the people two words," Webb said. "It doesn't matter what it is! Give it to 'em!"

Moore simply said, “History,” and Cohen couldn’t hardly handle it.

Webb said she had no idea what Moore was talking about, and Moore kept saying that Webb had a shady history towards her. The ladies kept going back and forth, and hashing out their beef in front of the audience.

When the episode ended, they still had more to say to each other and continued into the After Show , which you can see in the above clip.

New episodes of Watch What Happens Live air Sunday through Thursday nights on Bravo.

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