Kenya Moore And Porsha Williams Share Photos Of Newborn Daughters With Loving 'RHOA' Fans

Kenya Moore And Porsha Williams Share Photos Of Newborn Daughters With Loving 'RHOA' Fans
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Porsha Williams and Keyna Moore have been settling into their lives as mothers, and it looks like they are both quite happy with how things are turning out.

Both have taken to social media to share pictures of their newborn babies, much to the delight of their many fans who took their time to express their admiration and other positive comments.

Many people have pointed out that both Williams and Moore look quite good for having recently given birth, and it does look like both women have been taking good care of themselves ever since becoming mothers.

Moreover, while there was some minor controversy about the relationship between the two, it looks like they remain friends after all.

If anything, the relationship between Moore and Williams seems to have gotten stronger over time, with many positive comments regarding the way the two have been handling that aspect of their lives.

Whether their children will grow up to be best friends is early to tell, but it does look like many fans anticipate something of that sort, and will be following the lives of both kids with a close eye.

It looks like the only negativity in their relationship was related to their involvement in Real Housewives of Atlanta and its edgy storylines.

It is not clear exactly what might have happened behind the show’s stage to provoke something like that from the two of them, but it’s possible that it was all done for the ratings and there was never any real animosity at all.

An insider told Hollywood Life this about Moore: "Kenya is enjoying everything about motherhood and watching baby Brooklyn grow. She’d love time to slow down, but now that Brooklyn is getting a little bigger, she’s finally able to get a little more sleep. Brooklyn is such a good baby, and her personality is coming out now, too! She loves her little dream family and is thriving. She’s a fabulous mother."

The source added: "Kenya stays busy with her hair care line and being a wife and mom. Marc is so hands-on and helpful with Brooklyn, so she’s never anxious leaving her with him."

Do you see Moore returning to RHOA in the future? Is Williams going to be different after her marriage?

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